Subject-specific initiatives

VDI Students and junior engineers Ilmenau

The SuJ (Studierende und Jungingenieure) is the sub-organization of the VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) at the Technische Universität Ilmenau. The main focus of their work is to organise lectures/discussions with technical or economic background, visits of laboratories, excursions to firms and companies, trips to exhibitions and -of course- enjoy life after learning. 


Team Starcraft e. V.

Already in 2005 some students founded a Formula Student Team at the TU Ilmenau. One year later, the  Team Starcraft e. V. emerged from it. Formula Student is a international student engineering competition in which the participating students can use their theoretical knowledge practically in development, construction, planning, financing, presentation and the participation in competitions, train their softskills and look beyond the boundaries of their subject area.


IOG - Engineers without borders

The aid organization Engineers without borders was founded in 2003 and is active since June 2013 in Ilmenau. The contributors are concerned with global development cooperation as well as with domestic education work. Sustainability is attachend great importance in order to afford people long-term prospects. Students of all disciplines and professionals are organized voluntary in the Ilmenau Regional Group, where they can gain practical experience in project and teamwork. 


VDE - University group Ilmenau

The VDE is one of the largest eurpean for associations for the electrical engineering and information technology industries.

The university group Ilmenau organizes a diverse program, ranging from lectures to excursions. Priority have the events that allow students to "think outside the box" and provide them with special skills and important key skills.


FEM - Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e. V.

The "Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V (FeM)" is the largest student club at the TU Ilmenau. It was founded in 1997. To this day, it has abut 1.600 members and aims at making new media available and come alive for students. Therer are therefore different teams in which students of all disciplines with equal interests meet. Besides, there are various independent projects such as the FEM-Net, iSTUFF or sPi.


SWING at the TU Ilmenau e. V.

The SWING e.V. is the club of students of Industrial Engineering and Management and Information Systems Engineering. It is accessible for students of all disciplines and has the goal to combine the theory of the university with economical practice. The main activities of the club are numerous company visits, workshops, the organization of the career fair inova and events in the network of umbrella organizations VWI at federal level and ESTIEM at European level.

der Verein der Studenten des Wirtschaftsingenieurwesens und der Wirtschaftsinformatik. Er steht Studierenden aller Fachrichtungen offen und hat das Ziel, Theorie der Universität mit Praxis aus der Wirtschaft zu verbinden. Zahlreiche Firmenbesuche, Workshops, die Ausrichtung der Firmenkontaktmesse inova und Veranstaltungen im Netzwerk der Dachverbände VWI auf Bundesebene und ESTIEM auf europäischer Ebene, sind die Hauptaktivitäten des Vereins.


inova - the career fair at TU Ilmenau

The inovailmenau is one of the most important career forums in Germany. Searching for the dream job, students can make a direct contact with the exclusively selected companies on-site. Personal conversations open up career opportunities. Representatives of the company have the opportunity to find competent specialists and to draw attention to their own company. The inova team wants to reduce the barriers between companies and job-seekers and facilitate the mutual exchange between students and company representatives. 


sci - student consulting Ilmenau e. V.

The sci e. V. is a student-supported business consultancy at TU Ilmenau and was founded in 1997. The main objectve of the sci e. V. is to offer students of all disciplines the opportunity to put the knowledge learned at the university into practice. The sci e. V. is also a founding member of JCNetwork e. V., a nationwide umbrella organization of student business consultancies based in Ilmenau.


MARKET TEAM e. V. Ilmenau

MARKET TEAM e. V. is Germanys largest interdisciplinary student initiative. It's goal is to enable students from all disciplines to gain an insight into business life.

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