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91. Ankuendigung_TdoT2020_TU_Ilmenau.pdf  
25. April 2020: TAG DER OFFENEN TÜR  
93. A3_Plakat_TDOT_2020.pdf  
25. APRIL 2020 TAG DER OFFENEN TÜR Hochschulinformationstag zum Bachelor-, Master- und Diplomstudium  
96. Master program  
Application for a master program The evidence of one of the following qualifications provides applicants with German certificates access to a master program: Required language skills (English) If you…  
97. Fields of study Diploma in engineering  
Flexible and international The one class 10-semester majors offer many opportunities to develop self-initiative and acquire additional qualifications. Diploma students can combine main and minor…  
98. Diploma  
Required documents Signed application for registration (Personal account > My documents > Immatrikulationsantrag.pdf) Color passport photo for the thoska+ student ID card Certified,…  
99. Summer of physics at TU Ilmenau  
Short description The one-week summer course of lectures takes place at the Institute for Physics of the TU Ilmenau. In 2017, the physics summer was under the motto "Cosmos and elementary…  
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