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FAQ - Examination Regulations

Here you will find information, tips and explanations to the most frequent questions with reference to examinations. Should your questions not be answered, please use the advisory service of our examination office during the office hours or send us an email.

When does the exam take place?

In advance you can find details on exam periods on the university’s website; see Semestereckpunkten (academic calendar). Each semester has got its regular exam period for all exams which refer to courses of the currently running semester. Furthermore, there is a second shorter period for repeat exams covering all exams for the courses of the previous semester.

It may well be that your repeat exam takes place in the regular exam period as it refers to a course of the currently running semester

Where can I find my examination date?

Latest examination dates are listed in the university catalog of the TU Ilmenau (Vorlesungsverzeichnis). Several exams are organized on request. Please agree on the binding exam date by directly contacting the examiner and refer to the responsible group. Please note that these exams are stated with a date at the end of the semester in the Thoska system.

How can I register for examinations?

Please use – whenever possible – the Internet-based self-service functions of your Thoska Card for the electronic registration and termination of exams. For using this self-service function outside the university, we advise students to ask for the reader and the appropriate software at the help desk of the Computer Center.

Via the Internet you will reach the Online Studierenden- und Prüfungsverwaltung (online academic and examination administration) at the following URL:

When do I have to register for exams?

Taking part in an exam requires timely registration. You must abide by the registration period for oral and written exams. This registration period is listed in Semestereckpunkten (academic calendar) on the university’s website.

Alternative exam sessions have to be registered at the beginning of the semester. You should contact your examiner for further details.

In general, academic achievements (e.g. presentations, lectures, tests) are not to be registered, but it would be very helpful for the Examination Office and the entire exam organization procedure if you would also register for tests (e.g. foreign language tests) and internships via the Thoska system when it is possible. Please register for the academic achievement or course in the semester in which you complete the course. The registration for academic achievements does not entail any legal consequences for you.

Please help me! I cannot register for the exam at the Thoska terminal

There might be several reason that you cannot register for your exam at the terminal.

  •  Might it be an alternative academic achievement? You should pay attention to the information given by the examiner. In general, the Thoska system is ready for your registration within a certain period of time. Otherwise, the examiner will give you the registration form which you will have to sign.
  • Have you taken a semester off? In this case you have to register in writing using the registration form.
  • In case you cannot find the exam in the Thoska system or there are other problems, please use the registration form.

Tip: Print the list of exams you have registered for as evidence.

Can I withdraw from my examination?

Up to four days before the exam date you can withdraw from a written exam using the Thoska system.

You can also cancel an oral exam up to four days before the exam date but must use the de-registration form indicating the arranged/scheduled exam date. Please do not forget to inform your examiner about your de-registration.

In case of an alternative exam session, you can only cancel it within the period the examiner has set.

Tip: Should you experience problems when de-registering for the exam via the Thoska system or you are not in Ilmenau, please use the de-registration form. You can fax the form (03677 69 1350) or send it by Email to the Examination Office.

Cancellation of Examinations due to Illness

The examination regulations - General provisions regulate in section II - Examination procedure, §21 (1):

"... In the case of withdrawal from the examination or non-attendance because of illness, a medical certificate containing information on the illness and attesting the probable inability to take an examination must be submitted immediately."

As soon as they become aware of their illness students must

immediately consult a doctor and
submit the medical certificate to the examination office within 3 days starting from the examination date.

According to the latest information from the rectorate, a certificate of incapacity for work (yellow note) can be accepted instead of a medical certificate which attest that the student is unable to take the examination

Which time limits are to be observed?

There is a distinction to be made between the general examination period and the period for retaking the examination.

General examination period

  • valid for the first time you take an exam
  • each exam must be taken at the latest four semesters after the normal time period for completing the degree (starting  with registration 2013)


  • the exam must be taken at the latest four semesters after the semester in which it would normally take place (up to registration 2012)

Period for retaking the exam

  • refers to all exams you have failed
  • failed exams must be repeated within two semesters
  • A semester off does not prolong the period for retaking the exam.
  • In case you cannot repeat the exam within the scheduled time period due to illness, you must take the exam at the next possible date.

How can I register for the second repeat exam?

You have to apply for the second repeat exam by submitting the appropriate form.

  • Fill in the form and decide if you would prefer a written or an oral exam (if it is offered).
  • Ask at the Examination Office for the exam admission.
  • If you have decided for a written exam, the form will remain in the Examination Office and you are registered for a regular written test date.


  • If you have decided for an oral exam, you will receive the form from the Examination Office. You will have to set an exam date together with the examiner, and you must sign the form.
  • Please submit the form to the Examination Office, after submitting the form you are registered for the second repeat exam.

Please note that you will have to do all this within the exam registration period.

Late registration due to your own fault is not allowed and will lead to failing the second repeat exam and the final failure to successfully complete studies.

How does a "free attempt" work?

You can use your “Freiversuch” (“free attempt”) for failed exams of the semester as planned in the curriculum. In justified individual cases another approach might be possible.

You have to inform the Examination Office about “Freiversuch” within the period for retaking exams and mandatory before the exam.

Please use the form for registering for a free attempt.

“Freiversuch” (“free attempt”) means that your initial attempt is “cancelled”. Therefore, there is no period for retaking the exam. You will register for the exam again as if it were your first attempt.

There are five “Freiversuche” (“free attempts”) for Bachelor students.

There are two “Freiversuche” (“free attempts”) for Master students starting with register 2013.

I would like to improve my grades. What shall I do?

You can improve your exam grade with the help of Notenverbesserungsversuch (retaking an exam already taken for achieving a better grade).

You can use this opportunity for all exams according to the semester and the curriculum. In justified individual cases, another approach might be possible.

According to your registration year, there are different regulations valid.

Students starting with registration in 2013

  • Here are two attempts for retaking an exam already taken for achieving a better grade possible.
  • These students have to inform about this attempt for retaking an exam already taken for achieving a better grade at least before the defense of the thesis.

Bachelor students up to registration in 2012

  • Here are five attempts for retaking an exam already taken for achieving a better grade possible.
  • These students have to inform about this attempt for retaking an exam already taken for achieving a better grade within two semesters.

Master’s students up to register 2012

  • Here are two attempts for retaking an exam already taken for achieving a better grade possible.
  • These students have to inform about this attempt for retaking an exam already taken for achieving a better grade within two semesters.

Tip: You can repeat academic achievements as often as you like for improving your grade.

Where do I find my ID-Number?

Where do I find my ID-Number?

The ID number is required for academic performance, which cannot be accessed by using thoska card, i.e. academic performance related to bonus points or alternative examination forms.

• Please learn your ID number by heart as you learned your student registration number. To be on the safe side, you should write down the ID number at a suitable place.

• Please write down the ID number on all pages of your test or exam papers when you are asked to do so.

• The ID number is made up and consists of 8 characters and is comprised as follows: ID_last three digits from the student number_last three digits from “UB number“ (thoska). e.g.: ID_ xx345_xxxxxxxxxx321 -> ID345321

• Should you have a new thoska card and thus a new UB number, you are asked to use the new one and thus the new valid ID number. In individual cases it might happen that your previous ID number is used. Therefore, you should know both the previous and the current ID numbers and, if necessary, indicate them. In case of doubt, you should contact the responsible person and ask for the test/exam result.


The ID number was introduced for the improvement of data protection, especially for the notification of assessments/evaluations and exam/test results.

Where is it written?

All information on exam organization, deadlines, “Freiversuche” (“free attempts”) etc. is to be found in the general exam regulations and their currently valid version.  You can find the link to the documents in the respective major.