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Media for Lecture "Network Security"

The video recordings offered on this page constitute an extra service to facilitate learning. Beware that there is no service guarantee (beyond best effort) so that there might be lectures missing due to technical problems or time constraints (preparing the videos for this web page is work intensive). The user name and password to access this information is only given in the lecture as these videos should only be accessed by students of TU Ilmenau attending the lectures. Please ask other students if you forgot the password information or come to the next lecture. The password will under no circumstances be communicated via Email or telephone (due to work and security reasons). Finally, distribution of the videos or the password information beyond the participants of the lectures is prohibited and we maintain all copyrights on these videos.


For watching these videos you need the respective codec from Techsmith (tscc). Generally, we recommend the Firefox browser for accessing these web pages. Depending on your operating system, the following additions/restrictions apply:

  • Windows:Internet Explorer and Opera do also work; however Opera does not work correctly with local files. There may be issues with the basic authentication for users deploying Windows 7. This seems to be a general problem of Windows 7 with HTTP basic authentication and any hint on how to solve this is highly appreciated). Downloading the ZIP archives and watching the videos locally should work.
  • Linux: You additionally need the plugin mplayer
  • MacOS: Depending on your version you may be restricted to download the ZIP archives and play the AVI-files individually. Potentially, the AVI files may have to be converted with the tool DivXDoctor.