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M. Sc. Martin Backhaus

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Telefon +49 3677 69 4846

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M. Sc. Martin Backhaus


Room:Zusebau 3076
Phone:+49 3677 69-4846
GPG-Key (Fingerprint):20DB 15E9 5E03 F848 1FA3 AFDC 74EF 5153 8525 6A66

Research Interests

QoS Parameters and Robustness in Overlay Networks

Modeling of Network Design Problems (LP/ILP Programming)

Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks


SS 2019Seminars for the lecture "Telematik 1"
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WS 2018/19Seminars for the lecture "Netzalgorithmen"
SS 2018Seminars for the lecture "Telematik 1"
Seminars for the lecture "Programmierparadigmen"
WS 2017/18Seminars for the lecture "Netzalgorithmen"
SS 2017Seminars for the lecture "Telematik 1"
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WS 2016/17Seminars for the lecture "Netzalgorithmen"
SS 2016Seminars for the lecture "Telematik 1"
WS 2015/16Seminars for the lecture "Netzalgorithmen"
SS 2015Seminars for the lecture "Telematik 1"
WS 2013/14Seminars for the lecture "Algorithmen und Programmierung für Informatiker"


[BTRS18]Backhaus, Martin; Theil, Markus; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards a Flexible User-Space Architecture for High-Performance IEEE 802.11 Processing, IEEE WiMob, 2018.
[BTRSS18]Backhaus, Martin; Theil, Markus; Rossberg, Michael; Schaefer, Guenter; Sukiennik, David: A Comprehensive Framework to Evaluate Wireless Networks in Simulation and Real Systems, IEEE/ACM DS-RT, 2018.
[BaSc17c]Backhaus, Martin; Schaefer, Guenter: Worst-Case Attacker Models for Two-Layered Networks Based on the Minimum Overlay Cut, IEEE ISCC, 2017.
[BaSc17b]Backhaus, Martin; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards Optimally Resilient Topologies against Optimal Attacks, IEEE/IFIP IM - DISSECT, 2017. Best Paper Award.
[BaSc17a]Backhaus, Martin; Schaefer, Guenter: Towards Construction of Efficient and Optimally Resilient VPN Topologies by Exactly Calculating Maximum Disjoint Paths, IEEE ICC, 2017.
[BaSc16]Backhaus, Martin; Schaefer, Guenter: Backup Paths for Multiple Demands in Overlay Networks, IEEE GIIS, 2016.
Backhaus, Martin: Online-Berechnung von Graphmetriken zur Überwachung großer Peer-to-Peer-Netzwerke. Unpublished Masters Thesis, 2015.
[GRBS13]Grey, Michael; Rossberg, Michael; Backhaus, Martin; Schaefer, Guenter: On Distributed Geolocation by Employing Spring-Mass Systems, IEEE GIIS, 2013.
Backhaus, Martin: Bestimmung der geografischen Position mit Netzwerkkoordinatensystemen. Unpublished Bachelors Thesis, 2012.