Who's Who?

New in office

Niko Krohn

Student Consul

Niko Kron has been the new student consul at TU Ilmenau since the beginning of the summer semester on April 1, 2022. He succeeds Jan Lemmen in office and will form an important link between university management, student body and the numerous university and student committees in the coming months of his term.

As a student on the bachelor's degree program in mechatronics, Niko Krohn was already active in the university's student council (StuRa) before taking up his post as consul and is therefore close to the issues and interests of the students: "I consider good representation of these interests at the university to be extremely important and am looking forward to taking on some non-technical work after completing my bachelor's degree as consul," says the 24-year-old, explaining his motivation for the post.

In the first few weeks of his six-month term of office, a lot of information has already poured in on the new student representative: "As student consul, I am allowed to take part in many committee meetings of the university as an advisory member, pass on information to improve the exchange between the members of the various committees, and am in direct contact with the presidium every week. This way, I can bring the concerns of the student body to the presidium and, conversely, inform the StuRa about news from the presidium."

Niko Kron is particularly concerned about the interests of the numerous international students in Ilmenau: "As a representative of a university with a high proportion of international students, it is important to me to include their interests and to integrate them well in the committee work." At the same time, Niko Kron would also like to support the volunteers in the committees: "The student committees at the TU Ilmenau are almost exclusively made up of volunteers. There are a lot of administrative tasks involved, and it's important that I can take on at least some of these tasks so that the volunteers can better concentrate on the substantive work."