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26 May 2020: Letter from the Rectorate

26 May 2020


Dear colleagues, staff and students,

Three weeks ago, the TU Ilmenau switched from emergency operation to so-called "restricted normal operation". As a result of the new Thuringian ordinance for the further development of measures to control the spread of the coronavirus of 12 May 2020 ("Thüringer SARS-CoV-2-Maßnahmenfortentwicklungsverordnung"), we have been able to take further steps towards normal operation during the past few days and have adapted the infection protection concept of the TU Ilmenau in accordance with the new ordinance. The infection protection concept now includes regulations for the performance of face-to-face examinations during the examination period of the summer semester (20.07.-30.09.2020). This includes, for example, that

  • examination rooms will only be occupied with about 1/6 of the seats and these seats will be marked accordingly
  • there must be a one-hour-break between examinations particularly for ventilation of the rooms
  • hand disinfectants will be provided at the entrance of the examination rooms.

In addition, the first facilities of the university could partially reopen in compliance with the special infection protection rules:

  • The University Library in the Leibnizbau has been open again for lending service since 11 May 2020 (initially Monday to Friday from 10.00-14.00). External people may also be granted access again.
  • The PATON | Patent Center Thuringia has been reopened to external persons since 18 May 2020 for consultation and research on patent and trademark issues as well as the evaluation of inventions.

For detailed regulations, please refer to the infection protection concept (German only).

The university sports programme was also able to expand its range of sports and can now offer a selection of paid outdoor activities again.

The Ehrenberg Mensa now offers students and university staff, in addition to the out-of-house sale, an in-house service again from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.. The cafeteria in the Röntgenbau and the NANOteria offer out-of-house sales from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the Ehrenberg cafeteria offers breakfast from 8 to 10 a.m..

I would like to thank all those who have made the careful re-opening of these facilities possible for their great commitment.

Nonetheless, we are still in an absolutely exceptional situation in which the health of our students and staff is paramount. We have therefore extended the period of validity of the service agreement (Dienstvereinbarung) for the limited normal operation during the Corona Pandemic until 17 July 2020. This means that members of staff who currently work in a home office, e.g. because they belong to a risk group, may extend their work in the home office in consultation with their superior. A new application for home office is of course also possible in coordination with the superior.

Furthermore, I would ask all students and staff members who have already returned to the university or who will return to the university shortly, to exercise the necessary discipline and care in complying with the regulations of the infection protection concept. Please be understanding and considerate in dealing with each other so that together we can master the challenges of this unprecedented and constantly changing situation.

Best wishes

Peter Scharff | Rector