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30 June 2020: Letter from Presidential Board

30 June 2020

Dear students and colleagues,
As you can see from the jointly agreed infection protection concept of the university, examinations in the summer semester should generally be held on site with students present.
Therefore, in addition to the regulations in the "Statutes on Special Provisions for Studies, Examinations and Doctoral Studies due to the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic 2020", special protective and hygienic measures have been developed for the administration of examinations, which we would like to draw your attention to:
The regulations of the infection protection concept must also be observed during examinations. For the supervisors of examinations, these are in particular:

  1. Identification of the examinees
    The identification check of the examinees should take place before the entrance to the examination room (where there is the most space). In the waiting area of the identification check, make sure that the minimum distance of 1.50m is maintained.

  2. Exclusion of participants who are ill or suspected of being ill
    Employees or students with symptoms of COVID-19 diseases and with any cold symptoms or fever that have not been medically clarified are to be excluded from participation immediately (§ 3 Abs. 3 CorVO).

  3. Room ventilation
    A break of one hour shall be observed between the examinations for room ventilation. Ventilation can be provided by air conditioning or when the exam supervisors open the windows.

  4. Use of hand disinfectants
    It is important to ensure that students disinfect their hands using the disinfectants provided before entering the examination room. This is absolutely necessary, because no disinfection of the examination places/tables takes place.

Students must observe the following protection and hygiene measures:

  1. Mouth and nose protection
    In the examination building you have to wear a mouth and nose protector, which you bring with you. The mouth and nose protection is to be worn until you reach your allocated place in the examination room. During the examination you are free to take off the mouth and nose protection. The mouth and nose protection must be worn when visiting the toilet. The mouth and nose protection must be removed for identity verification.

  2. Behaviour in the building and examination room
    Waiting, entering and exiting the building should not result in a crowd of examinees. Hand disinfection with the provided disinfectants is mandatory before entering the examination room.
    After entering the examination room, go directly to a free, marked place and sit down. Only persons directly involved in the examination may stay in the room.

  3. Instructions and announcements
    Observe the posted signs/posters. Follow the instructions of the examiners and supervisors.

  4. Food and beverages
    Bringing drinks and packaged food is allowed.

  5. Writing materials and aids
    Please use your own document-proof writing material (ballpoint pen) and other approved aids.

  6. Keeping the distance rules
    Wherever possible and reasonable, a minimum distance of 1.50 m must be maintained in the examination rooms and waiting areas between all examinees and the examination supervisors and examiners.

  7. After the examination
    The examinees must leave the building/ premises immediately after the examination.

You can also find them in the revised FAQ on the Corona website at and (for employees only).

In the summer semester 2020, notwithstanding § 54 (6) ThürHG, students who are not examinees may be excluded from attendance at oral examinations if this is necessary to comply with the measures imposed by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic 2020.

Yours sincerely

Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Sattler