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Information about the coronavirus, last update: 2 April 2020, 6.10 p.m.

Please click here for the German version of this page

The protection of the health of our employees and students as well as the public has top priority for the TU Ilmenau in the current situation. For this reason, the university management, together with the crisis management team, has drawn up an emergency operation plan for the period starting on 23 March.

This plan guarantees the highest possible level of health protection for students and employees, but also ensures the functioning of the university.

The aim is to delay the spread of the virus by responsible action on the part of all members of the University in order to protect risk groups and ensure medical care for everybody.

This means:

  • The TU Ilmenau is now working under an emergency operation plan.

  • The 2020 summer semester has formally started 1 April 2020. The start of lectures at TU Ilmenau with classroom teaching has initially been postponed until 4 May 2020. Preparations are currently underway to replace classroom teaching with e-learning offerings (from 7 April 2020 at the earliest).

  • Exams are generally cancelled until May 4, 2020. 

  • From 23 March 2020, the buildings of TU Ilmenau will only be accessible to employees whose presence is necessary to ensure emergency Operation (or who only require access for a short period of time for business reasons). Access to students will be granted only in individual cases, and the students have to be accompanied by an employee.

  • Employees whose presence is not required to ensure emergency operation on site will work from home office, in consultation with their supervisor.

  • Business trips abroad are prohibited with immediate effect. 

  • Domestic business trips are only permitted in exceptional cases to areas that do not belong to the areas specified by the RKI (risk areas or an area particularly affected by the spread of SARS-CoV-2).

  • According to a new general decree of the Ilm district, all returnees from abroad have to go into domestic quarantine for two weeks. This applies from the day of return to Ilm-Kreis and 14 days retroactively. In addition, the public health department must be contacted, which will record these cases accordingly.

  • The general decrees of the Ilm district and the legal regulations and standards applicable throughout Thuringia during the Covid-19 pandemic apply to the holding of events, the ensuring of general hygiene measures and the behaviour of travel returnees, in particular §3 of the Thuringian Basic Ordinance on the Containment of the Corona Pandemic, valid from Wednesday, 25 March 2020

    Hygiene regulations in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and occupational health and safety as well as effective protective regulations for employees, visitors and customers must be observed in all companies. The objectives of the protective measures to be initiated are the reduction of contacts, the protection of personnel from infections and the avoidance of smear infections via vehicles and objects as far as possible. This is to be achieved by maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 m from other persons, as well as increased cleaning and disinfection.

FAQ general

Where can I find further information and contact persons?

Q&A on the coronavirus (World Health Organization) 

The district office of the "Ilm-Kreis" has set up a hotline to inform about the corona virus and the situation in the district "Ilm-Kreis". You can reach it around the clock at the following telephone number +49 3628 738-888

Multilingual information website of ISWI e.V. about the corona virus in Thuringia; currently in German, German - easy language, English, Albanian (gjuha shqipe), Arabic (العربية), Chinese (简体字), Farsi (فارسی|دری), French, Macedonian (македонски јазик), Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Polish (polski) Romanian (limba română), Russian (русский), Serbian (српски), Spanish, Turkish (Türkçe), Tigrinya (ትግርኛ ), Urdu (اردو

Students will also find current information about their studies and study-related processes on the homepage of the "Students" website.

Students with a German university entrance qualification who are newly admitted to the SS2020 may also contact the following persons if they have further questions:

• for questions regarding student administration:

• for questions about the introduction at the TU Ilmenau:

• for questions regarding the organization of studies to (xx = Faculty abbreviation: ei = Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, ia = Computer Science and Automation, mb = Mechanical Engineering, mn = Mathematics and Natural Sciences, wm = Economics and Media)

International students and newly admitted international students will find more information on the website of the International Student Service we4you.

Students may also find additional current information and a discussion Group in the Telegram channel of the Student Council (StuRa) 

If you have any questions about the handling of the corona virus at the TU Ilmenau, please send an e-mail to

Which university facilities are closed?

The buildings of the TU Ilmenau are closed to the public since 23 March 2020 until further notice. The buildings are to be kept locked. 

Access is generally restricted to employees whose presence is necessary to ensure emergency operation on site. In addition, employees who are in the home office but who have to enter a building for a short period of time for business reasons (e.g. to hand over and collect mail or files, to accept goods, for urgent maintenance and repair of infrastructure) are also permitted to enter the building.

Furthermore, the prohibition of access does not apply to service providers (operating company, building operator, etc.), tenants and persons whose presence is unavoidable to meet legal requirements.

Students are only granted access in individual cases and accompanied by an employee. This applies, for example, for the purpose of carrying out term papers and final theses. Contact should preferably take place via e-mail, telephone and other electronic media.

The current infection regulations must be strictly observed when performing the tasks

University Library

The rooms of the Main Library in the Leibniz Building, the Curie Library and the University Archive will nowill also be closed until further notice.

Users will still be able to reach the library by mail, WhatsApp or Twitter direct message

The delivery service is currently still possible to a limited extent, but only with a time delay.

It is no longer possible to return borrowed books, not even via the book flap. This also applies to books from interlibrary loan.

Reminder fees do not apply during the closing time. The loan period of the borrowed media is displayed, as usual, in the user account of the catalogue and can be extended; the upper limit for the number of possible extensions is now increased to such an extent that the closing period can be covered. Events such as training courses, guided tours or cultural events will not take place in the library until further notice.

You may find further details in the information provided on the university library's homepage: FAQ Library closed and electronic resources provided by the library

University Computer Center

The University Computer Centre will remain closed to the public until further notice. 

PC pools are no longer accessible. 

However, the IT-Servicedesk (ITSD) of the University Computer Center may still be reached between 7.00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., but only by phone +49 3677 69-1111 and email

For more information please refer to the FAQ and the working instructions of the University Computer Center (German only).

University Sports Centre

All courses held by the University Sports Centre as well as the free training slots will be suspended until further notice.

The start of the new sports programme in the summer semester 2020 will also be postponed. The new date depends on the start of lectures. 

However, the University Sports Center has prepared a number of great exercises at Instagram that can be practiced at home.

PATON | Patent Center Thuringia

The Public Reading Room for on-site research at the PATON | Patent Center Thuringia at the TU Ilmenau is closed to the public from now on.

Seminars at the PATONakademie will not take place.

The online services (search, consultation, contractred IP search) as well as telephone consultation will still be available.

The office for receiving applications for property rights will remain open. 

Mensa and Cafeterias

The dining halls of the Mensa and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk in Ilmenau will remain closed until further notice. The cafeteria Mensa Ehrenberg currently offers meals from 11.15 a.m. to 1 p.m. as an out-of-house sale.

What about events, meetings and sessions at TU Ilmenau?

All events at the TU Ilmenau have been cancelled or postponed until further notice due to the current situation.

Committee meetings and other meetings should, if possible, be web-based and/or by circular procedure. 

Furthermore, the current general decrees of the Ilm district apply to events and meetings.

What do I have to do if I have been abroad in the last two weeks?

According to a new general decree of the Ilm-Kreis, residents of the Ilm-Kreis who have stayed abroad must go into domestic quarantine for two weeks. This applies from the day of return to the Ilm district and 14 days retroactively.

In addition, the public health department must be contacted, which will record these cases.

Should travel returnees notice symptoms of a flu-like infection during the time of the domestic quarantine, they should contact their doctor's office by telephone and also point out their journey and the quarantine. 

You may also call the on-call service of the statutory health insurance companies on 116 117. We ask all university members, for their own protection and for the protection of their fellows, to take these instructions for domestic quarantine very seriously. Failure to comply with such instructions is a criminal offence and may be reported to the police, which may also be relevant to international students.

What should I do if I suspect COVID-19?

The Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV) Thuringia has set up a website for people who fear to be infected with the coronavirus. On this website, a scheme is available to help people who suspect they might be infected and should be tested. Under the keyword "patients", information is also provided on how to proceed if one suspects COVID-19 according to the scheme.

Anyone who has been in a risk area within the last 14 days and has experienced symptoms of the disease should contact the medical on-call service on 116 117. Anyone who has had direct contact with a person with COVID-19 detected should contact the relevant health authority directly. 

Further information on COVID-19 in Thuringia may also be found on the website of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family (German only).

What should I observe to avoid infection?

To prevent infection with the corona virus, but also with other infectious diseases, the general rules of hygiene should be observed. Particularly important are regular thorough hand washing, hygiene when coughing and sneezing and sufficient distance (at least 1,5 m) from other people. Please stay at home, as far as possible! Those who protect themselves also protect others, especially the elderly and other people with health problems.

Who can I turn to in case of fears, insecurities, overload or in personal crisis situations?

Who can I turn to in case of fears, insecurities, overload or in personal crisis situations?

The Psychological Contact Point is still available for employees and students with insecurities, in personal crisis situations or overload and offers advice by telephone. 

The first contact for employees is by e-mail to Carolin Stotzka or for students by e-mail to Stefan Weniger

In addition, TU Ilmenau offers students and employees support in case of threats and for constructive conflict resolution. Please contact the head of the Campus Family, Andrea Krieg, at

FAQ Students

What effects does the current situation have on enrolment for the summer semester, the start of lectures, examinations and theses?

The 2020 summer semester has formally started 1 April 2020. However, the start of lectures at TU Ilmenau with classroom teaching has initially been postponed until 4 May 2020 according to a resolution of the Conference of Presidents of Thuringian universities and colleges.

Preparations are currently underway to replace classroom teaching with e-learning offerings (from 7 April 2020 at the earliest).

International students are urgently requested to postpone their arrival accordingly.

Enrolment is only possible online at

Students may find current information about their studies and study-related processes on the homepage of the "Students" website

Exams and theses

Examinations are generally cancelled until 04 May 2020.

These cancellations will be assessed as a reason beyond the students' control with regard to the study progress control.

In exceptional cases, the examination may be held by agreement between the examiner and the person to be examined; in this case, special attention must be paid to the general rules on infection protection.

Deadlines for the submission of theses after 20 March 2020 will be automatically extended by eight weeks.

Will I still receive BAföG?

Will I still receive BAföG?

Overlooking the current exceptional situation, it is a matter of concern to the German authorities to ensure planning and financial security quickly and unbureaucratically in the interest of all BAföG recipients. Students who are dependent on BAföG should not suffer any financial disadvantages from the COVID 19 pandemic. 

An overview by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (in German) contains the most important information for BAföG recipients. In addition, please note the special regulations of March 27, 2020 for BAföG administration (in German) in connection with the Corona pandemic including example cases for the calculation of BAföG entitlement.

Further information on the effects of the pandemic-related measures on BAföG may also be obtained from the BAföG Office of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

What about my semester fee?

According to Beitragsordnung des Studierendenwerks Thüringen , the contribution is due upon re-registration at the end of the re-registration period and is collected by the university according to ThürStudWG § 6 .

If a re-registration for SS 2020 is necessary due to the pandemic-related cancellation of examinations, students may apply to the Studierendenwerk Thüringen for a waiver of the fee or exemption. The form of the application is determined by the Studierendenwerk Thüringen. The individual case will be examined. 

How can I still validate and recharge my thoska card and use it as a train ticket?

From 1 April, 2020, access to the thoska terminals in the lobby of the Mensa (validation terminal, thoska+ terminal, multifunction device for copying with thoska+ card payment) will be possible from Monday to Friday from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Please use the side door on the north side (ASC).

For reasons of protection against infection, we urgently request that you only enter the Mensa for the use of the terminals and keep the required 2-meter-distance from other students. After using the terminals you have to leave the building immediately and directly.

For the time being until 4 Mai, 2020, VMT and DB Regio will also accept a thoska valid until 31 March 2020 plus a certificate of study for the summer semester 2020 as a ticket.

Who can I contact if I have questions about living concerning the corona virus?

The dormitories of the Studierendenwerk are currently staying open, so that students may stay on site and do not have to return back home, so as not to encourage the spread of the corona virus.

The washing machines and dryers in the dormitories can be used temporarily free of charge.

If you have any further questions about living in the facilities of the Studierendenwerk concerning the corona virus, please contact the following persons:

Monday to Friday from 10.00 - 11.00 a.m.

Mr Watterott, Mrs Ludwig

Phone: +49 3677 691917

Mr Voigt

Phone: +49 3677 692751

What do I have to consider as an international student at the TU Ilmenau?

According to information of 25 March, the Foreigners Authority will remain closed for the time being until 20 April 2020. All agreed appointments are no longer valid and will be cancelled. No new appointments are being made at present. 

All visas and residence permits that have expired since 18 March are automatically extended until 30 June 2020.  

This regulation applies within the Ilm-Kreis and is only valid for those people with main residence in the Ilm-Kreis. It is not valid for re-entry to Germany if the residence permit has expired.

Further important information on the current situation, such as on living, travelling within Germany and to Europe and worldwide, self-isolation and other questions relevant to international students can be found on the website of the International Service we4you at TU Ilmenau as well as on the information portal Stuying in Germany.

I am a new international student at the TU Ilmenau. What do I have to do?

Future international students may find important information about the start of the semester, how to get there and other information relevant in the current situation on the website of the International Service we4you at TU Ilmenau and on the information portal Studying in Germany.

FAQ Employees

In addition to the information and regulations on how to deal with the conoravirus provided on this page, we provide employees of the TU Ilmenau with further internal information, instructions and decisions regarding the coronavirus on the university's intranet.