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Restricted normal operation: Letter from the Rectorate

28 April 2020


Dear colleagues, staff and students,

for more than a month the TU Ilmenau has been in Corona emergency operation. The campus is almost empty and most university members work remotely from home. In some areas, however, working from home is not possible at all. This applies, for example, to numerous employees in the administration who continue to work on site every day during the university's emergency operation. This also includes those who clean and maintain the buildings and enable the limited distribution of food in the canteen. They all make a decisive contribution to our community. They deserve my respect and sincere thanks!

The transition from the current emergency operation to the restricted normal operation as of May 4 also presents us with challenges that can only be mastered together. Teaching has started again last week, which, due to the current exceptional situation, will take place largely in the form of e-learning courses during the summer term 2020. Many professors and lecturers are breaking new ground and will have to adapt to virtual teaching formats, which have been little used up to now, within a very short time. I know that in many places this is being done with great commitment and impressive creativity, as virtual teaching is much more than providing lecture content online. Not everything will succeed perfectly in the first step, and the so important interaction with our students will be more difficult. Nevertheless, we aim to offer an attractive range of courses during this term, which will be challenging in many aspects.

The transition from emergency operation to restricted normal operation also means that many employees return to the university from the home office. In addition, students will travel back to Ilmenau to participate in planned classroom events in small groups. This requires mindfulness and consideration and I therefore ask you to support each other at its best.

I thank you for your extraordinary commitment in these difficult times.

Keep healthy!


Best wishes

Peter Scharff | Rector