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Shut down: Letter from the Rectorate

20 March 2020

TU Ilmenau emergency plan with effect from March 23, 2020 due to Conrona-Virus

Dear colleagues and students,

the Rectorate of the TU Ilmenau has reacted promptly to the corona crisis with numerous measures in close coordination with the crisis team formed on March 4, 2020. The first priority for us was and still is to protect the health of employees and students as well as the public.

At the same time we have tried to maintain the essential functions of the university for our students, customers and guests.

However, the legally binding requirements of the federal, state and local authorities of the past few days to slow down the spread of the corona virus have outdated the measures of the TU Ilmenau in many respects.

On the basis of extensive discussions in the crisis team, we therefore decided today to refer in particular to the general decrees of the Ilm-Kreis (most recently from March 19, 2020). This applies, for example, to the organization of events, ensuring general hygienic measures and the behavior of returning travelers. So will not make any separate regulations on this.

Together with the crisis team we have also developed an emergency operating plan for the period from Monday, March 23, 2020. This plan guarantees the highest possible level of health protection for students and employees, but also ensures the functionality of the university in areas such as personnel administration, finances, IT and general infrastructure, and not least the areas of research and teaching.

As part of this, we see the following regulations:

Closure of buildings

  • The buildings of the TU Ilmenau will be closed to the public from 23 March 2020 until further notice. The buildings must be kept locked. The prohibition of access does not apply to service providers (operating company, building operator, etc.), tenants and persons whose presence is unavoidable for the fulfilment of legal requirements.

  • Access is generally restricted to employees whose presence is necessary to ensure emergency operation on site. The management of the faculties, structural units and technological centres have to inform these employees accordingly by 23 March 2020 at the latest. The current infection regulations must be strictly observed.

  • If necessary, e.g. due to local curfews, these employees will receive a document as permission to pass. Whether and in what form these documents are required is not yet known. The Division for Human Resources and Law will inform you on that.

  • The remaining employees are only allowed to visit their workplace for a short time in consultation with the respective superior (e.g. to pick up important documents).

  • Students are only granted access in individual cases and accompanied by an employee. This applies, for example, for the purpose of necessary on-site working on reports and thesis. Contact should preferably be made via email, telephone and other electronic media.

Decree on home office

  • Employees whose presence is not required to ensure emergency operations on site work remotely from their home offices in consultation with their line manager. Detailed regulations are available on the TU Ilmenau intranet.

Business Trips

  • Business trips abroad are prohibited with immediate effect.

  • Business trips in Germany are to be limited to to what is necessary. They are only permitted by exception and only in areas that do not belong to the areas specified by the RKI (risk areas or an area particularly affected by the spread of SARS-CoV-2).

Start of lectures/registrations

  • The start of lectures at the TU Ilmenau will be postponed to May 4, 2020. The university is working on e-learning offerings available before 4 May. The Presidents of the Thuringian universities and colleges will decide again on March 30, 2020, on the start of lectures.

  • Foreign students are urgently requested to postpone their arrival.

  • Enrollment is only possible online at

  • Students can find current information about their studies and study-related processes on the "Students" website.

Examinations and thesis/final papers

  • Examanitions are generally cancelled until 04 May 2020.

  • Regarding the progress oft her studies, these cancellations will be assessed as a reason for which the students are not responsible.

  • In exceptional cases, the examination may be held by agreement between the examiner and the person being examined; in this case, special attention shall be paid to the general rules for infection protection.

  • Extension of deadlines (after March 20, 2020) for submission of final theses is granted by 8 weeks

We understand very well that you are concerned about your health, that of your family members and those around you. Please be assured that, together with our committed colleagues on the crisis team, we will always be up to date with the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Thank you for your support. Stay healthy.

Sincerely yours

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. mult. Prof. h. c. mult. Peter Scharff, Rector

Dennys Klein, Chancellor