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de-Angelis, Marco; Ricciardi, Vincenzo; Dalmau, Eugenia;
Uncertainty estimation of road-dust emissions via interval statistics. - In: Journal of physics. - Bristol : IOP Publ., ISSN 1742-6596, Bd. 1065 (2018), 212023, insges. 5 S.
Kanarachos, Stratis; Savitski, Dzmitry; Lagaros, Nikos; Fitzpatrick, Michael E.;
Automotive magnetorheological dampers: modelling and parameter identification using contrast-based fruit fly optimisation. - In: Soft computing : a fusion of foundations, methodologies and applications.. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 1433-7479, Bd. 22 (2018), 24, S. 8131-8149
Skrickij, Viktor; Savitski, Dzmitry; Ivanov, Valentin; Skačkauskas, Paulius;
Investigation of cavitation process in monotube shock absorber. - In: International journal of automotive technology : IJAT.. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 1976-3832, Bd. 19 (2018), 5, S. 801-810
Savitski, Dzmitry; Schleinin, Dmitrij; Ivanov, Valentin; Augsburg, Klaus;
Robust continuous wheel slip control with reference adaptation: application to the brake system with decoupled architecture. - In: IEEE transactions on industrial informatics. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 1941-0050, Bd. 14 (2018), 9, S. 4212-4223

Modern and coming generations of electric and automated vehicles are characterized by higher requirements to robust and fault-tolerant operation of chassis systems independently from driving situations and road conditions. In this regard, this paper introduces an adaptive continuous wheel slip control (WSC) developed for the sport utility vehicle equipped with a high-dynamic decoupled electrohydraulic brake system. The system architecture, mathematical formulation of the WSC and state estimator as well as the experimental WSC validation is described in this paper. The focus is given on three continuous WSC strategies based on proportional integral (PI), sliding-mode PI and integral-sliding-mode control techniques. The proposed WSC also includes the state and parameter estimator for the adaptation of the reference wheel slip depending on current road conditions and using the standard on-board vehicle sensors and extremum-seeking algorithm. Adaptability and robustness of all WSC configurations were confirmed by the road experiments performed on low- and high- [my]surfaces with mandatory condition of the same controls adjustments for all test cases. Tests show an enhancement of the vehicle safety and ride quality, compared to the vehicle with the rule-based WSC control.
Gierth, Paul; Rebenklau, Lars; Niedermeyer, Lars; Bachmann, Eric; Augsburg, Klaus;
Entwicklung von miniaturisierten Dickschicht-Thermoelement-Arrays für automobile und industrielle Anwendungen. - In: Sensoren und Messsysteme. - Berlin : VDE Verlag GmbH, (2018), S. 263-268

Aksjonov, Andrei; Vodovozov, Valery; Augsburg, Klaus; Petlenkov, Eduard;
Design of regenerative anti-lock braking system controller for 4 in-wheel-motor drive electric vehicle with road surface estimation. - In: International journal of automotive technology : IJAT.. - Berlin : Springer, ISSN 1976-3832, Bd. 19 (2018), 4, S. 727-742
Noack, Matti; Botha, Theunis; Hamersma, Herman A.; Ivanov, Valentin; Reger, Johann; Els, Schalk;
Road profile estimation with modulation function based sensor fusion and series expansion for input reconstruction. - In: Proceedings 2018 IEEE 15th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control (AMC) : Shibaura Institute of Technology, Toyosu campus, Tokyo, Japan, 09-11 March 2018.. - Piscataway, NJ : IEEE, ISBN 978-1-5386-1946-9, (2018), S. 547-552
Höpping, Kristian; Augsburg, Klaus; Büchner, Florian;
Extending the Magic Formula tire model for large inflation pressure changes by using measurement data from a Corner Module Test Rig. - In: SAE International journal of passenger cars : mechanical systems.. - Warrendale, Pa. : Soc., ISSN 1946-4002, Bd. 11 (2018), 2, S. 103-118

Since the tire inflation pressure has a significant influence on safety, comfort and environmental behavior of a vehicle, the choice of the optimal inflation pressure is always a conflict of aims. The development of a highly dynamic Tire Pressure Control System (TPCS) can reduce the conflict of minimal rolling resistance and maximal traction. To study the influence of the tire inflation pressure on longitudinal tire characteristics under laboratory conditions, an experimental sensitivity analysis is performed using a multivalent usable Corner Module Test Rig (CMTR) developed by the Automotive Engineering Group at Technische Universität Ilmenau. The test rig is designed to analyze suspension system and tire characteristics on a roller of the recently installed 4 chassis roller dynamometer. Camber angle, toe angle and wheel load can be adjusted continuously. In addition, it is possible to control the temperature of the test environment between -20 ˚C and +45 ˚C. The results of the experimental study that covers a wide range of different wheel loads and inflation pressures for three different tire variations show a significant influence of the inflation pressure on longitudinal tire characteristics as slip stiffness or maximum traction force. To simulate the influence of a TCPS on vehicle dynamics with a numerical simulation tool, it is essential to describe the influence of the inflation pressure on tire characteristics correctly with a tire model. Consequently, the well-known semi-empirical Magic Formula tire model adapted from Pacejka is extended for large inflation pressure changes. The parameters of the tire model are identified with a method of least squares which is implemented in an automatic MATLAB analysis tool. A comparison of the standard and respectively the enhanced tire model show an obvious improvement of the model accuracy.
Thiel, Markus; Werner, Ronny; Brück, Rolf; Kröger, Sylvie; Zaldua-Moreno, Naroa; Augsburg, Klaus; Horn, Rüdiger; Hirth, Peter; Hu, Bin; Schorn, Christian;
Katalysatorträgerdesigns für die Abgasnachbehandlung zur Einhaltung der gesetzlichen Grenzwerte. - In: Der Verbrennungsmotor - ein Antrieb mit Vergangenheit und Zukunft : Beiträge zu Methoden, Verfahren und technischen Lösungen : Festschrift für Professor Hans Zellbeck.. - Wiesbaden : Springer Vieweg, (2018), S. 409-446
- Seite 410-431: Der Vollkatalysator vor dem Turbolader - effektive Abgasnachbehandlung vs. Fahrdynamik / Dr.-Ing. Markus Thiel, Dr.-Ing. Ronny Werner, Rolf Brück, Sylvie Kröger, Naroa Zaldua-Moreno, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Augsburg, Rüdiger Horn
Bakhmutov, Sergey V.; Ivanov, Valentin G.; Karpukhin, Kirill E.; Umnitsyn, Artem A.;
Creation of operation algorithms for combined operation of anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electric machine included in the combined power plant. - In: International Automobile Scientific Forum (IASF-2017): Intelligent Transport Systems : 18-19 October 2017, Moscow, Russian Federation.. - [Bristol] : IOP Publishing, (2018), S. 012003, insges. 9 S.