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Ricciardi, Vincenzo; Augsburg, Klaus; Gramstat, Sebastian; Schreiber, Viktor; Ivanov, Valentin;
Survey on modelling and techniques for friction estimation in automotive brakes. - In: Applied Sciences, ISSN 2076-3417, Bd. 7 (2017), 9, p873, insges. 23 S.
Henke, Karsten; Fäth, Tobias; Hutschenreuter, René; Wuttke, Heinz-Dietrich;
Gift - an integrated development and training system for finite state machine based approaches. - In: International journal of online engineering, ISSN 1861-2121, Bd. 13 (2017), 8, S. 147-162
Pöschl, Sandra;
Virtual reality training for public speaking - a QUEST-VR framework validation. - In: Frontiers in ICT, ISSN 2297-198X, Bd. 4 (2017), Article 13 (19. Jun.), insges. 13 S.
Néel, Nicolas; Kröger, Jörg;
Template effect of the graphene Moiré lattice on phthalocyanine assembly. - In: Molecules, ISSN 1420-3049, Volume 22 (2017), issue 5, 731, Seite 1-9
Mohagheghi, Erfan; Gabash, Aouss; Li, Pu;
A framework for real-time optimal power flow under wind energy penetration. - In: Energies, ISSN 1996-1073, Bd. 10 (2017), 4, 535, insges. 28 S.
Ejaz, Waqas; Bräuer, Marco; Wolling, Jens;
Subjective evaluation of media content as a moderator of media effects on European identity: mere exposure and the hostile media phenomenon. - In: Media and communication, ISSN 2183-2439, Bd. 5 (2017), 2, S. 41-52

This paper posits that the concept of European identity is an important indicator of the legitimacy of the European Union (EU). It further assumes that the exposure to EU related media content can influence the feeling of European identity. In order to verify this assumption, we combined the mere-exposure-theory and the hostile media phenomenon. We assume that these theoretical concepts could help to understand the influence of media on peoples levels of attachment to the EU. Regression analyses are performed on secondary data that were collected in a Eurobarometer survey in 2013. Our findings revealed that media exposure affected the respondents' identification with Europe, as well as the modifications of this effect based on their assessments of EU media coverage. The results of the current study not only validate assumptions about the mere-exposure effects on identity but also confirm the theoretical assumption that perceived hostility reduces such effects, whereas exposure to information that is perceived as neutral promotes the effects of media exposure on the feeling of European identity.
Linß, Sebastian; Schorr, Philipp; Zentner, Lena;
General design equations for the rotational stiffness, maximal angular deflection and rotational precision of various notch flexure hinges. - In: Mechanical sciences, ISSN 2191-916X, Bd. 8 (2017), 1, S. 29-49

Notch flexure hinges are often used as revolute joints in high-precise compliant mechanisms, but their contour-dependent deformation and motion behaviour is currently difficult to predict. This paper presents general design equations for the calculation of the rotational stiffness, maximal angular elastic deflection and rotational precision of various notch flexure hinges in dependence of the geometric hinge parameters. The novel equations are obtained on the basis of a non-linear analytical model for a moment and a transverse force loaded beam with a variable contour height. Four flexure hinge contours are investigated, the semi-circular, the corner-filleted, the elliptical, and the recently introduced bi-quadratic polynomial contour. Depending on the contour, the error of the calculated results is in the range of less than 2 % to less than 16 % for the suggested parameter range compared with the analytical solution. Finite elements method (FEM) and experimental results correlate well with the predictions based on the comparatively simple and concise design equations.
Seeland, Marco; Rzanny, Michael Carsten; Alaqraa, Nedal; Wäldchen, Jana; Mäder, Patrick;
Plant species classification using flower images - a comparative study of local feature representations. - In: PLOS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, Bd. 12 (2017), 2, e0170629, insges. 29 S.
Dutz, Silvio; Hayden, Mike E.; Häfeli, Urs O.;
Fractionation of magnetic microspheres in a microfluidic spiral: interplay between magnetic and hydrodynamic forces. - In: PLOS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, Bd. 12 (2017), 1, e0169919, insges. 24 S.