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Gijon Conference on Sports and Media Economics


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Gijon Conference on Sports and Media Economics

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The XIV. Gijon Conference on Sports Economics (Gijon, Spain, 3rd and 4th of May) focused on the topic “Contest, New Competitions, New Sports, e-Sports”. About 30 researchers from the U.S., Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, the U.K., Denmark, South Africa, Russia and Germany presented their latest research.

Sophia Gaenssle, Oliver Budzinski (Chair for Economic Theory, Institute of Economics and Institute of Media and Mobile Communication, Ilmenau University of Technology) and Arne Feddersen (University of Southern Denmark, Campus Esbjerg) presented new research on e-Sports Stars “Does Talent Matter? An Economic Analysis of e-Sport Stars”.

Furthermore, Oliver Budzinski and Arne Feddersen presented their common research on betting in e-sports markets “Are e-Sports Betting Markets Efficient?”. The annual conference series is organized by the renowned sports economist Plácido Rodriguez (University of Oviedo).