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53. HOS: A Dominant Position of Ilmenau’s Researchers?


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53. HOS: A Dominant Position of Ilmenau’s Researchers?

FG Wirtschaftstheorie

On the 1st and 2nd of November, the Hohenheimer Oberseminar conference for young researchers was held for the 53rd time, hosted by the Phillips-University of Marburg. A wide range of topics from industrial economics and economic policy were presented and discussed in the conference. For instance, during the panel discussion “Updating Competition Policy in the Digital Era” (panellists: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kerber (Marburg) and Prof. Dr. Oliver Budzinski (Ilmenau)), participants discussed the current plans for a 10th amendment of the German Law against Restrictive Practices. The reform aims to shape competition rules for the digital age. In particular, it seeks to tighten competition rules governing the behaviour of dominant and powerful companies, especially on online markets.

Generally, the team from Ilmenau University of Technology played a prominent role at the conference. Members from the Chair of Economic Theory contributed


  • “The (Behavioral) Economics of Privacy and Big Data: Fundamental Implications and the German Competition Policy Case against Facebook” by Oliver Budzinski, Marina Grusevaja (Hochschule RheinMain), and Victoriia Noskova;
  • “Die drei ??? – Eine Ökonomische Analyse” by Sophia Gaenssle and Björn Kuchinke (Bauhaus-University of Weimar);
  • “Die Neue E.ON auf dem deutschen Strommarkt - Wettbewerbliche Auswirkungen der innogy-Übernahme” by Annika Stöhr, Oliver Budzinski, and Jörg Jasper (EnBW AG);
  • “YouTube vs. Netflix - An Empirical Analysis of Consumer Behavior and Competition in Audiovisual Online Markets” by Oliver Budzinski, Sophia Gaenssle, and Nadine Lindstädt-Dreusicke (Hochschule Pforzheim);
  • “What is Binge-Watching? An Economic Definition” by Sophia Gaenssle and Philipp Kunz-Kaltenhäuser;

… as well as opponent comments:

  • Philipp Kunz-Kaltenhäuser commented on the paper “Exploitative Abuses in Digital Markets” by Miriam Buiten (University of Mannheim);
  • Victoriia Noskova gave an opponent speech on the paper “Learning to Price Discriminate” by Katrin Buchali (University of Hohenheim).