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Neue Veröffentlichung zur Nichtmonetären Performancebeurteilung


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Neue Veröffentlichung zur Nichtmonetären Performancebeurteilung

FG Nachhaltige Produktionswirtschaft und Logistik

Harald Dyckhoff, Rainer Souren Performance Evaluation – Foundations and Challenges Springer Briefs in Business, ISBN 978-3-030-38731-0, 2020

  • Combines decision-making and production theory to better understand the premises, potentials and limitations of traditional performance measurement methods
  • Illustrates the principal ideas and mechanisms of performance evaluation
  • Demonstrates (eco-)efficiency measurement using data envelopment analysis (DEA) and life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Offers guidance on how to apply data envelopment analysis and on how to avoid common pitfalls

This book examines performance evaluation in the context of assessing the non-financial outcomes of human activities. The topic is particularly relevant when economic, environmental or social performance has to be evaluated, e.g. the efficiency of actions and the lifecycles of products. The authors combine multi-criteria decision-making and production theories to develop a theoretical and methodological foundation for performance evaluation. They also demonstrate the typical pitfalls that are hindering the implementation of contemporary methods in practice. Special emphasis is placed on efficiency measurement with data envelopment analysis (DEA), and on data aggregation in life cycle assessment