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Zhang, Xijie; Grebel, Thomas; Budzinski, Oliver;
The prices of open access publishing : the composition of APC across different fields of sciences. - Ilmenau : Ilmenau University of Technology, Institute of Economics, 2020. - 1 Online-Ressource (28 Seiten). . - (Ilmenau economics discussion papers. - vol. 26, no. 145)

Modern media technologies paved the way to the open access movement. Instead of the traditional academic subscription and publishing model, which allowed few big publishers to charge excessive publishing fees, the open access model raises the hope for a fair system, where scientific content is freely accessible and thus the dissemination of research work becomes possible at little cost. However, previous literature pointed out that big publishers seem to be able to preserve their market power when going from the subscription-based model to the open access model. In this paper, we take a closer look at the differences across disciplines. The publication routines in Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Health Sciences differ to a substantial extent. On these grounds, we test whether there are also differences in the explanations for the article processing charges (APC) across these disciplines. For doing so, we combined various data sources such as the dataset of the "Directory of Open Access", the "OpenAPC Initiative" and the "CiteScore Metrics". Our regression results show that the differences across the four fields in terms of publication habits and endowment levels allow publishers to exploit their market power to different extents.
Tribusean, Irina;
The use of VR in journalism: current research and future opportunities. - In: Augmented reality and virtual reality : changing realities in a dynamic world.. - Cham : Springer International Publishing, (2020), S. 227-239

Virtual reality (VR) is more and more used in journalism since 2015 and research is trying to keep the pace. This paper gives an overview of the existing academic research on the topic. First, key concepts are defined, as some terms, such as immersion and presence, are used in various fields with slightly different meaning. Second, the existing research on the use of VR is presented. Research on production mainly analyses challenges of the new technology and ethical issues, while studies on audience are rather empirical, looking at the users reactions to the new medium, compared to the classical TV and print. Finally, the state-of-the art is discussed and some research gaps are pointed out, followed by recommendations for further research.
Ströhl, Florian; Rockel, Tobias;
Auswirkungen fehlender Daten in der multiplen Regression : eine Simulationsstudie. - Ilmenau : Technische Universität Ilmenau, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2020. - 1 Online-Ressource (iii, 37 Seiten). . - (Ilmenauer Beiträge zur Wirtschaftsinformatik. - 2020,3) ISBN 978-3-938940-62-4

Fehlende Werte stellen in zahlreichen praktischen Anwendungen vie-mehr den Regelfall als eine Ausnahme dar, erweisen sich aber bei vielen statistischen Verfahren als störend. Die vorliegende Studie untersucht die Auswirkungen von fehlenden Werten auf die Ergebnisse der multiplen linearen Regression. Dazu werden zunächst spezielle Formen von fehlenden Daten und ausgewählte Verfahren zum Umgang mit diesen vorgestellt. Im Rahmen einer Simulationsstudie werden anschließend die Auswirkungen von verschiedenen Ausfallquoten und -mechanismen anhand von sechs empirischen Datensätzen untersucht. Neben einer Analyse verschiedener Einflussgrößen erfolgt ein Vergleich der vorgestellten Verfahren zur Behandlung der fehlenden Werte. Es zeigt sich, dass keines der untersuchten Verfahren allen anderen Verfahren in jeder Hinsicht überlegen ist und die Wahl des "besten" Verfahrens von der Struktur des Datensatzes und der späteren Verwendung der Regressionsfunktion abhängt. Darüber hinaus konnte festgestellt werden, dass eine Erhöhung der Ausfallquote im Allgemeinen zu einer Verschlechterung der Ergebnisse führt. Die Einflüsse der Objekt- und Merkmalsanzahl hängen von dem jeweiligen Verfahren und den weiteren Eigenschaften des Datensatzes ab und sollten stets zusammen betrachtet werden.
Stuhlinger, Deborah; Souren, Rainer;
Der Kunde als Wertschöpfungspartner : eine produktionstheoretische Charakterisierung des Begriffs Co-Produktion. - Ilmenau : Verlag proWiWi e.V., 2020. - 1 Online-Ressource (III, 23 Seiten). . - (Ilmenauer Schriften zur Betriebswirtschaftslehre. - 2020,1) ISBN 978-3-940882-54-7

Dieser Beitrag widmet sich im ersten Teil der fundierten Herleitung einer Definition von CoProduktion aus produktionstheoretischer Sicht. Dazu werden zunächst die Begriffsbausteine "Produktion" und "Co" einzeln analysiert. Die anschließende Vereinigung zu einer Arbeitsdefinition fokussiert auf die Transformationsleistung Externer und löst sich so von deren vager Beschreibung als "aktiv". In einem zweiten Teil werden Co-Produktionen systematisiert. Es werden fünf Kriterien vorgestellt, die aus Unternehmenssicht auf Formen der Kundenmitarbeit abstellen und die Unterscheidung verschiedener Co-Produktionsformen ermöglichen. Ergebnis dieser konzeptionellen Überlegungen ist ein Katalog, der definitorische und systematisierende Kriterien von Co-Produktionen und deren verschiedene Ausprägungen zusammenfasst.
Mori, Shohei; Erat, Okan; Broll, Wolfgang; Saito, Hideo; Schmalstieg, Dieter; Kalkofen, Denis;
InpaintFusion: incremental RGB-D inpainting for 3D scenes. - In: IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics : TVCG.. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 1941-0506, Bd. 26 (2020), 10, S. 2994-3007

State-of-the-art methods for diminished reality propagate pixel information from a keyframe to subsequent frames for real-time inpainting. However, these approaches produce artifacts, if the scene geometry is not sufficiently planar. In this article, we present InpaintFusion, a new real-time method that extends inpainting to non-planar scenes by considering both color and depth information in the inpainting process. We use an RGB-D sensor for simultaneous localization and mapping, in order to both track the camera and obtain a surfel map in addition to RGB images. We use the RGB-D information in a cost function for both the color and the geometric appearance to derive a global optimization for simultaneous inpainting of color and depth. The inpainted depth is merged in a global map by depth fusion. For the final rendering, we project the map model into image space, where we can use it for effects such as relighting and stereo rendering of otherwise hidden structures. We demonstrate the capabilities of our method by comparing it to inpainting results with methods using planar geometric proxies.
Döring, Nicola;
"Switched On": UNESCO-Konferenz 2020 zur sexuellen Bildung im digitalen Raum. - In: Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung : Sexualität darstellen - Sexualität denken.. - Stuttgart : Thieme, ISSN 1438-9460, Bd. 33 (2020), 3, S. 178-180
Döring, Nicola;
Alles so schön fit und gesund hier : Gesundheit und Krankheit in Sozialen Netzwerken. - In: Schülerinnen. - Hannover : Friedrich, ISSN 0949-2852, (2020), S. 24-27

Galvin, Peter; Burton, Nicholas; Singh, Prakash J.; Sarpong, David; Bach, Norbert; Teo, Stephen T. T.;
Network rivalry, competition and innovation. - In: Technological forecasting and social change : an international journal.. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier Science, ISSN 0040-1625, Bd. 161 (2020), 120253, S. 1-10

Strategy, structure and rivalry across an industry has an impact upon innovation outcomes at the industry level. However, when patterns of rivalry are altered through the presence of strategic networks (sets of firms that cooperate closely on the basis of their web of strategic alliances) it is not clear what impact this has upon product market (price) competition and in factor markets (patents). Using data from the motor vehicle industry, we find only limited support for the notion that competitive responses vary with changes in network-level rivalry most likely due to co-opetition and a lack of stability across the networks. The results suggest that firms are likely to engage in co-opetition, thus changes in innovation outcomes can only be observed at the network level. When the presence of strong strategic networks leads to lower levels of rivalry on the basis of at least some cooperative behavior within the network (and competitive actions being focused on firms in other networks) we see a reduction in innovation at the network level. However, as the strategic networks changed consistently over time, the change in patenting behavior was limited.
Weidner, Florian; Broll, Wolfgang;
Stereoscopic 3D dashboards : an investigation of performance, workload, and gaze behavior during take-overs in semi-autonomous driving. - In: Personal and ubiquitous computing : PUC.. - London : Springer, ISSN 1617-4917, (2020), insges. 23 S.
- Published: 25 August 2020

When operating a conditionally automated vehicle, humans occasionally have to take over control. If the driver is out of the loop, a certain amount of time is necessary to gain situation awareness. This work evaluates the potential of stereoscopic 3D (S3D) dashboards for presenting smart S3D take-over-requests (TORs) to support situation assessment. In a driving simulator study with a 4 × 2 between-within design, we presented 3 smart TORs showing the current traffic situation and a baseline TOR in 2D and S3D to 52 participants doing the n-back task. We further investigate if non-standard locations affect the results. Take-over performance indicates that participants looked at and processed the TORs' visual information and by that, could perform more safe take-overs. S3D warnings in general, as well as warnings appearing at the participants focus of attention and warnings at the instrument cluster, performed best. We conclude that visual warnings, presented on an S3D dashboard, can be a valid option to support take-over while not increasing workload. We further discuss participants gaze behavior in the context of visual warnings for automotive user interfaces.
Söllner, Fritz;
[Rezension von: Rindermann, Heiner, 1966-, Cognitive capitalism]. - In: Public choice. - Dordrecht [u.a.] : Springer Science + Business Media B.V., ISSN 1573-7101, (2020), insges. 5 S.

- Published: 31 March 2020