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Veröffentlichungen der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Medien ab 2015

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Rothenberger, Liane; Pratt, Cornelius B.;
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Budzinski, Oliver; Gänßle, Sophia;
The economics of social media (super-)stars: an empirical investigation of stardom and success on YouTube. - In: The journal of media economics. - New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, ISSN 1532-7736, (2020), S. 1-21
- Published online: 30 Nov 2020

A new type of superstars developed with the rise of social media markets: social media superstars (SMS). The economic literature on the superstar phenomenon provides empirical evidence on different types of stars, above all athletes and musicians. This paper presents the first empirical work on SMS with original data from YouTube. Using various econometric techniques, we analyze a unique sample of 200 YouTube stars out of four different video categories to shed light on this new phenomenon. Beyond applying classic economic concepts on superstars by Rosen, MacDonald, and Adler, we contribute to extending the literature toward attention economics and the concepts of audience building (audience attraction and maintenance). In our empirical analysis, we find evidence supporting an inverse U-shape influence of upload frequency on the success of SMS. Moreover, we find empirical evidence that the duration and experience in the market have a significant influence on social media success. Eventually, we derive implications for superstar theory, SMS management, service providers, and advertisers.
Söllner, Fritz;
Wissenschaft in Zeiten politischer Korrektheit - Bemerkungen zur Causa Klauk. - In: Wirtschaftspsychologie. - Lengerich : Pabst Science Publ., ISSN 1615-7729, Bd. 22 (2020), 2, S. 65-69

Elbehery, Mostafa; Weidner, Florian; Broll, Wolfgang;
Haptic space: the effect of a rigid hand representation on presence when interacting with passive haptics controls in VR. - In: 19th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia : proceedings : Nov 22 - Nov 25, 2020, Essen, Germany.. - New York, New York : The Association for Computing Machinery, (2020), S. 245-253

Many virtual reality (VR) applications rely on passive haptics where virtual objects have a real counterpart that provides tactile feedback. In addition to that, many VR applications do not provide accurate hand representations, especially when there is a high chance of occlusion as this makes vision-based tracking problematic. Hence, we investigated how a simple hand representation affects user experience and presence when interacting with passive haptic controls in a virtual environment. We report on a between-subject user study where N = 45 participants experienced one of three conditions (no hands at all, hands represented as a rigid 3D model, and hands represented as a rigid 3D model with a snapping mechanism). Our results indicate that a simple hand representation using a 3D model of hands paired with a snapping mechanism significantly increases presence and user experience. That indicates that this simple and low-cost technique is effective to improve the VE as a whole. This, in return, provides a chance for improvement for many VR applications with passive haptics.
Kowert, Rachel; Domahidi, Emese; Quandt, Thorsten;
Networking and other social aspects of technology use: past developments, present impact, and future considerations. - In: The Oxford handbook of digital technologies and mental health. - New York, NY : Oxford University Press, (2020)