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Veröffentlichungen der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Medien ab 2015

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Rochyadi-Reetz, Mira; Löffelholz, Martin;
A pressing tale of two countries: comparing the media systems of Indonesia and Germany. - In: Media and Transformation in Germany and Indonesia: asymmetrical comparisons and perspectives. - Berlin : Frank & Timme, Verlag für wissenschaftliche Literatur, (2019), S. 31-48

Döring, Nicola;
Perspective of a former PrEP user on PrEP : experiences of the activist Steve Spencer summarized by Nicola Döring
Perspektive eines ehemaligen PrEP-Nutzers auf die PrEP : Erfahrungen des Aktivisten Steve Spencer zusammengefasst von Nicola Döring. - In: Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung : Sexualität darstellen - Sexualität denken.. - Stuttgart : Thieme, ISSN 1438-9460, Bd. 32 (2019), 4, S. 229-230
Döring, Nicola; Walter, Roberto; Knutzen, Kathrin;
Media representations of the HIV-PrEP: content-analytical findings on press, web and Social Media :
Mediendarstellungen der HIV-PrEP: inhaltsanalytische Befunde zu Presse, Web und Sozialen Medien. - In: Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung : Sexualität darstellen - Sexualität denken.. - Stuttgart : Thieme, ISSN 1438-9460, Bd. 32 (2019), 4, S. 207-218
Döring, Nicola;
Medikamentöser HIV-Schutz mittels PrEP: aktueller Diskussions- und Forschungsstand. - In: Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung : Sexualität darstellen - Sexualität denken.. - Stuttgart : Thieme, ISSN 1438-9460, Bd. 32 (2019), 4, S. 189-197
- Editorial
Rochyadi-Reetz, Mira;
Journalism education in Indonesia - a case study of seven universities in Indonesia. - In: Journalism and journalism education in developing countries. - Manipal, India : Manipal Universal Press, (2019), S. 77-91

The study reviews curricula of seven universities in Indonesia which offer majoring in Journalism based on several levels of competencies: (1) awareness, (b) knowledge and (c) skills. The finding shows that nowadays, practical skills receive a huge proposition on many Indonesian universities to be able to prepare their students as journalists. On the one hand, the trend could be considered as a positive sign to answer the increasing demand of the media industry for "ready to use" journalists but on the other hand it rises a concern of lack of awareness and knowledge competencies which are crucial for the profession as a journalist.

Döring, Nicola;
Sexualaufklärung in digitalen Medien: der aktuelle Entwicklungs- und Forschungsstand. - In: Forum Sexualaufklärung und Familienplanung. - Köln : BZgA, ISSN 2192-2152, (2019), 1, S. 12-15

Budzinski, Oliver; Grebel, Thomas; Wolling, Jens; Zhang, Xijie;
Drivers of article processing charges in open access. - Ilmenau : Ilmenau University of Technology, Institute of Economics, 2019. - 1 Online-Ressource (36 Seiten). . - (Ilmenau economics discussion papers. - vol. 25, no. 133)

Large publishing companies have been dominating scientific publishing for long, which leads to high subscription fees and inhibited access to scientific knowledge. At digital era, the opportunity of an unrestricted access appears feasible, because the cost of publishing should be low. It is no longer the readers and libraries to pay subscription fees, but scientific organizations and authors themselves who pay for the cost of having their article published. As the data shows, there is a tremendous variance of article processing charges (APC) across journals, which obviously cannot be explained by the costs. One of the explanatory variables could be reputation, but it only contributes less than 5% to the variance in APC. This study is meant to shed light on the various determinants of APC. Based on data from the OpenAPC Initiative, the Directory of Open Access Journals, the Journal Impact Factor and the Essential Science Indicators of Web of Science, we employ ANOVA and multivariate regressions. The results show that market power plays an important role to explain APCs, inter alia, through market concentration, market position of individual publishers (publisher size), and the choice of hybrid publishing model.
Chiapini, Raphael; Gaffard, Jean-Luc; Grebel, Thomas; Guillou, Sarah; Lopez Forero, Margarita; Montmartin, Benjamin; Nesta, Lionel
Structural reforms in France, 2013-2017. - Brussels : European Commission, 2019. - 225 Seiten.
Windscheid, Julian; Gossel, Britta; Will, Andreas;
Media entrepreneurship: the role of emerging technologies for media business models. - Ilmenau : Universitätsbibliothek. - 1 Online-Ressource (5 Seiten). - Publikation entstand im Rahmen der Veranstaltung: Annual Conference of the European Media Management Association (EMMA), Limassol, Cyprus, June 6, 2019 - July 7, 2019
Übungsvideo Praxiswerkstatt 3. - Ilmenau : IfMK TU Ilmenau. - 1 Online-Ressource (2:28 min).

Dieses Video wurde von Studierenden der Praxiswerkstatt Mobile Reporting im Sommersemester 2019 produziert.