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Day 1

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 (Humboldt Building)
14:00 Registration

Tutorial: Josef A. Nossek & Michel Ivrlac
"The Multiport Communication Theory"

(Humboldt Lecture Hall)

16:20 Coffee Break
16:50 Tutorial continued
18:30 Welcome Reception (Foyer Humboldt Building)


Day 2

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
08:00 Registration
08:30 Opening Session
09:00 Keynote: Ana Isabel Pérez-Neira
"MIMO processing for highly efficient FBMC waveforms"
10:00 Coffee Break
Multi-Carrier and Multi-User Transmission (Humboldt Lecture Hall)
Session Chair: Josef A. Nossek
Time Topic Authors
10:10 On the Equivalence of Degraded Gaussian MIMO Broadcast Channels Lennart Gerdes,
Maximilian Riemensberger,
Wolfgang Utschick
10:30 Selection of the Coordination Strategy in the Network MIMO Downlink Sebastian Stern,
Robert F. H. Fischer
10:50 SIMO/MISO MSE-Duality for Multi-User FBMC with Highly Frequency Selective Channels Oliver De Candido,
Leonardo Gomes Baltar,
Amine Mezghani,
Josef A. Nossek
11:10 Interference Mitigation via Power Optimization Schemes for Full-Duplex Networking Seyed Omid Taghizadeh Motlagh,
Rudolf Mathar
11:30 Downlink per-user multi-streaming for FBMC/OQAM based multi-user MIMO with highly frequency selective channels Yao Cheng,
Martin Haardt,
Leonardo Gomes Baltar,
Josef A. Nossek
11:50 MIMO Transmission over high Delay Spread Channels with reduced Cyclic Prefix Length Erich Zöchmann,
Stefan Pratschner,
Stefan Schwarz,
Markus Rupp
12:10 Lunch Break

Keynote: Giuseppe Caire
"Exploiting channel structure in massive MIMO"

Poster Session 1 (Foyer Humboldt Building)
Time Topic Authors

Comparison and evaluation between FBMC and OFDM systems Qinwei He,
Anke Schmeik
Non-linear precoding for the downlink of FBMC/OQAM based multi-user MIMO systems Yao Cheng,
Venkatesh Ramireddy,
Martin Haardt
Buffer-aided Relay Selection for Physical-Layer Security in Wireless Networks Xiaotao Lu,
Rodrigo de Lamare
Coverage and Capacity Optimization in Cellular Radio Networks with Advanced Antennas Maciej Soszka,
Sascha Berger,
Albrecht Fehske,
Meryem Simsek,
Bohdan Butkiewicz,
Gerhard Fettweis
The Influence of Hardware Imperfections on Wave-Field Synthesis Acuracy Mario Lorenz,
Christopher Schirmer,
Robert Damm,
Wim A. Th. Kotterman,
Giovanni Del Galdo,
Albert Heuberger,
Markus H. Landmann
Adaptive Buffer-Aided Space-Time Coding for Multiple-Antenna Cooperative Wireless Networks Tong Peng,
Rodrigo de Lamare
Dual-Polarization Time Delay Estimation for Multipath Mitigation Friederike Wendler,
Felix Antreich,
Josef A. Nossek,
A. Lee Swindlehurst
Design Optimization of SIMO Receivers with Compact Uniform Linear Arrays and Limited Precision A/D ConversionQing Bai,
Josef A. Nossek
Interference Mitigation and Multiuser Multiplexing with Beam-Steering Antennas

Martin Kurras,
Lars Thiele
Giuseppe Caire

Joint Extended Factor AnalysisAhmad Mouri Sardarabadi,
Alle-Jan van der Veen
Physical Layer Network Coding for Distributed
Massive MIMO

Alister Burr,
Dong Fang

Dimensionality constraints imposed by highly frequency selective channels on MIMO-FBMC / OQAM systems

Ana I. Perez-Neira,
Màrius Caus

A Random-List Based LAS Algorithm for Near-Optimal Detection in Large-Scale Uplink Multiuser MIMO SystemsAlexandre A. Pereira Jr,
Raimundo Sampaio-Neto
Massive MIMO (Humboldt Lecture Hall)
Session Chair: Wolfgang Utschick
Time Topic Authors
15:20 A novel modulation scheme for user devices equipped with a single-RF MIMO transmitter Mohammad Ali Sedaghat,
Ralf Mueller
15:40 Iterative Decision-Feedback in Non-coherent Multi-User Massive MIMO Systems Clemens Stierstorfer,
Robert F. H. Fischer,
George Yammine
16:00 How Many Transmit Antennas Emulate the Performance of Noise-Limited Systems?

Samer Bazzi,
Guido Dietl,
Wolfgang Utschick

16:20 Low-Complexity Approximative LMMSE Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO

David Neumann,
Michael Joham,
Lorenz Weiland,
Wolfgang Utschick

16:40 Opportunistic CoMP for 5G massive MIMO Multilayer Networks Wolfgang Zirwas
Gala Dinner
17:00 Busride to Erfurt
18:15 Gala Dinner
23:15 Busride to Ilmenau


Day 3

Thursday, March 5, 2015
08:30 Registration

Keynote: Alle-Jan van der Veen
"Subspace intersection tracking using the Signed URV algorithm"

10:00 Coffee Break
Beamforming, Antenna Array Design & Channel Modeling
(Humboldt Lecture Hall) Session Chair: Pascal Chevalier
Time Topic Authors
10:10 Signal Side Information Impact on the Statistical Resolution Limit Abdelouahab Boudjellal,
Karim Abed-Meraim,
Adel Belouchrani,
Philippe Ravier
10:30 Intercell Interference Blindness in Fairness Optimizations Yixin Song,
Hans H. Brunner,
Josef A. Nossek

How to Make Quasi-Rectilinear Signals (MSK, GMSK, OQAM) Almost Equivalent to Rectilinear Ones (BPSK, ASK) for Widely Linear Filtering in the Presence of CCI

Rémi Chauvat,
Pascal Chevalier,
Jean-Pierre Delmas


11:10 Covariance Shapes as a Cognitive Radio Concept for Receivers with Multiple Antennas Andreas Dotzler,
Michael Newinger,
Wolfgang Utschick
11:30 Channel Prediction Using an Adaptive Kalman Filter Behailu Yohannes Shikur,
Tobias Weber
11:50 Multi-Pattern Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Quan Kuang,
Wolfgang Utschick,
Andreas Dotzler
12:10 Lunch Break
13:10 Keynote: Werner Mohr
"5G Vision and Requirements in 5G PPP"

Poster Session 2 (Foyer Humboldt Building)
Time Topic Authors

Novel Two-Stage Detection for MIMO OFDM Systems with Reduced Complexity Nora Tax,
Zifeng Wu,
Vito Dantona,
Berthold Lankl
Soft Information Aided Phase Noise Estimation in Vector OFDM using Linear MMSE Receivers Ibo Ngebani,
Yabo Li,
Xiang-Gen Xia,
Minjian Zhao,
Joseph Chuma
Yunlong Cai
On Receive Filter Design for Coherent MIMO Radar with Non-Ideal Waveforms Lorenz Weiland,
Wolfgang Utschick
Performance Evaluation of LOS MIMO Systems under the Influence of Phase Noise Tim Hälsig,
Berthold Lankl
Non Line Of Sight effects in UWB indoor direct one-step selflocalization using distributed antenna system: Measurement based study Miljko Eric,
Rudolf Zetik

Optimal general-rank transmit beamforming technique for single-group multicasting service in modern wireless networks using STTC

Dima Taleb,
Samer Alabed,
Marius Pesavento
Multidimensional Array Interpolation Applied to Direction of Arrival Estimation Marco Antonio Marques Marinho,
João Paulo Carvalho Lustosa da Costa,
Felix Antreich,
André Lima Férrer de Almeida
DoA Estimation Performance and Computational Complexity of Subspace- and Compressed Sensing-based Methods

Jawad Munir,
Christoph Stöckle,
Amine Mezghani,
Josef A. Nossek

Low-Complexity Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Shrinkage and Cross-Correlation Hang Ruan,
Rodrigo de Lamare
Low-Complexity Conjugate Gradient-Based Widely Linear Adaptive Beamforming Rodrigo de Lamare,
Aline de Oliveira,
Fabian D. Backx
Influence of antenna array constellation on the accuracy of angle-of-arrival estimation in a multipath environment Thomas Lindner,
Niels Hadaschik,
Lucila Patiño-Studencka,
Jörn Thielecke

Selection of Antenna Array Configuration for Polarimetric Direction Finding in Correlated Signal Environments
Stephan Häfner,
Martin Käske,
Reiner S. Thomä,
Uwe Trautwein,
Alexis Paolo Garcia Ariza
Channel Measurements and Simulations with Planar Inverted F-Antennas in an Enhanced Testbed
for a Wireless Battery Management System
Damián Alonso,
Oliver Opalko,
Klaus Dostert
Advanced Receivers and Signal Processing
(Humboldt Lecture Hall) Session Chair: Robert Fischer
Time Topic Authors
15:20 Adaptive MSER Reduced-Rank Decision Feedback Receiver for Large-Scale Multiple-Antenna Systems

Yunlong Cai,
Boya Qin,
Minjian Zhao,
Rodrigo de Lamare

15:40 Iterative Multi-Branch Lattice Reduction-Aided Successive Interference Cancellation for Multiuser MIMO Systems Leonel Arévalo,
Rodrigo de Lamare,
Raimundo Sampaio-Neto
16:00 Cramér-Rao Lower Bounds for Polarimetric 2D Direction of Arrival Estimation Dominik Schulz,
Reiner S. Thomä
16:20 Error Regularized Turbo-MIMO MMSE-SIC Detection with Imperfect Channel State Information Alexander Krebs,
Michael Joham,
Wolfgang Utschick
16:40 An Impropriety Test Based on Block-Skew-Circulant Matrices Christoph Hellings, Michael Koller,
Wolfgang Utschick
17:00 Best Paper Award