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Reiß, Stephanie ; Grieseler, Rolf; Krischok, Stefan; Rädlein, Edda
The influence of Sahara sand on the degradation behavior of float glass surfaces. - In: Journal of non-crystalline solids : a journal on the chemical, electronic, optical and mechanical properties of glasses, amorphous semiconductors and metals, sol-gel materials, the liquid state of these solids and the processes by which they are formed. - Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier Science, ISSN 00223093, Bd. 479 (2018), S. 16-28
Endrikat, Anna ; Böttcher, René; Engemann, T.; Ispas, Adriana; Peipmann, Ralf; Bund, Andreas
Abscheidung unedler Metalle aus ionischen Flüssigkeiten für den Korrosionsschutz. - In: Galvanotechnik - Saulgau, Württ : Leuze, ISSN 00164232, Bd. 108 (2017), 11, S. 2179-2188
Henkel, Sebastian ; Schwager, Anne-Marie; Bliedtner, Jens; Götze, Kerstin; Rädlein, Edda; Schulze, Christian; Gerhardt, Martin; Fuhr, Michael
New surface smoothing technologies for manufacturing of complex shaped glass components. - In: Proceedings of SPIE. - Bellingham, Wash : SPIE, Bd. 10448 (2017), 104480A, insges. 10 S.
Rudloff, Johannes ; Lang, Marieluise; Kretschmer, Karsten; Heidemeyer, Peter; Bastian, Martin; Koch, Michael
Analysis of pellet diameter and inorganic filler influences on the polymer melting behavior in planetary roller extruders. - In: AIP conference proceedings. - Melville, NY : Inst, ISSN 15517616, Bd. 1914 (2017), S. 080001, insges. 5 S.
Schötz, Theresa ; Ponce de Leon, Carlos; Ueda, Mikito; Bund, Andreas
State of the art of rechargeable aluminum batteries in non-aqueous systems. - In: Journal of the Electrochemical Society : JES. - Pennington, NJ : Electrochemical Soc, ISSN 19457111, Bd. 164 (2017), 14, Seite A3499-A3502
Prikhna, Tetiana ; Romaka, Vitaliy; Eisterer, Michael; Shapovalov, Andrii; Kozyrev, Artem; Grechnev, Gennadiy; Boutko, Viktor; Goldacker, Wilfried; Habisreuther, Tobias; Vakaliuk, Oleksii; Halbedel, Bernd
Structure and superconducting characteristics of magnesium diboride, substitution of boron atoms by oxygen and carbon. - In: Advances in cryogenic engineering - materials: proceedings of the International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC) 2017 : 9-13 July 2017, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. - [Bristol] : IOP Publishing, (2017), S. 012023, insges. 8 S.

An x-ray analysis of MgB2-based materials shows that they contain MgB2 and MgO phases. According to a quantitative Auger analysis (taken after removing the oxidized surface layer by Ar ion etching in the microscope chamber) the MgB2 phase contains some amount of oxygen that approximately corresponds to the composition MgB2.2-1.7O0.4-0.6. Rietveld refinement of the MgB2 phase, based on EDX data with varying B/O content, leads to the composition MgB1.68-1.8O0.2-0.32. Ab-initio modelling of boron substitution by oxygen in MgB2 ([Delta]Hf =-150.6 meV/atom) shows that this is energetically favourable up to the composition MgB1.75O0.25 ([Delta]Hf =-191.4 meV/atom). In contrast to carbon substitution, where very small levels of doping can dramatically affect the superconducting characteristics of the material with concomitant changes in the electron density, oxygen substitution results in very little change in the superconducting properties of MgB2. The formation of vacancies at the Mg site of both MgB2 and substituted MgB1.75O0.25 was modelled as well, but has shown that such processes are energetically disadvantageous ([Delta]Hf of Mg0.875B2 and Mg0.75B1.75O0.25 are equal to -45.5 and -93.5 meV/atom, respectively).
Bartsch, Heike ; Mánuel, José Manuel; Grieseler, Rolf
Influence of nanoscaled surface modification on the reaction of Al/Ni multilayers. - In: Technologies : open access journal. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 22277080, Bd. 5 (2017), 4, 79, insges. 11 S.
Uherek, Frantisek ; Škriniarová, Jaroslava; Kuzma, Anton; Šušlik, &hacek;Luboš; Lettrichova, Ivana; Wang, Dong; Schaaf, Peter
Surface photonic crystal structures for LED emission modification. - In: Proceedings of SPIE. - Bellingham, Wash : SPIE, Bd. 10603 (2017), S. 1060319, insges. 7 S.
Yüksel, Sezin ; Ziegler, Mario; Görke, Sebastian; Hübner, Uwe; Weber, Karina; Schaaf, Peter; Meyer, Hans-Georg; Cialla-May, Dana; Popp, Jürgen
Hierarchically-designed 3D flower-like composite nanostructures as an ultrastable, reproducible, and sensitive SERS substrate. - In: ACS applied materials & interfaces. - Washington, DC : Soc, ISSN 19448252, Bd. 9 (2017), 44, S. 38854-38862
Jehl, Pierre ; Heise, Niclas; Halbedel, Bernd
Adsorption von Hartstoffpartikeln auf galvanisch hergestellten Zinkoberflächen zum Einbau in Cr(VI)-freien Passivierungsschichten. - In: Produktgestaltung in der Partikeltechnologie - Stuttgart : Fraunhofer Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8396-1194-4, (2017), S. 221-222