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subject properties Technology lab course in major Bachelor Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik 2013
subject number100261
examination number2100409
departmentDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
ID of group 2142 (Nanotechnology Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Heiko Jacobs
term ganzjährig
credit points5
on-campus program (h)45
self-study (h)105
exam pass-fail certificate
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Experimentalphysik, Grundlagen der Elektronik. Nanotechnolgie

learning outcome

Ziel dieses Praktikums ist das Kennenlernen wesentlicher technologischer Schritte zur Herstellung elektronischer und sensorischer Bauelemente auf der Basis von Silizium und organischen Materialien. Der Student erwirbt die Fähigkeit, praktische Arbeiten an technologischen Maschinen teils selbstständig und teils unter Anleitung durchzuführen.



The participant obtains hands-on experience in the fabrication of micro and nanotechnological devices.

The majority of the experiments will be carried out within am educational laboratory setting which houses the required equipment. 

The student get familiar with the equipment and the process flow commonly used in the fabrication of micro and nanotechnological devices.

Learning Goals: 

You acquire basic skills on the technological steps used in the manufacturing of modern micro/nanofabricated devices which integrate electronic and sensing elements in a small form factor integrated system.

You get to know the equipment, measuring techniques, and principles of operation.

The lab-course mimics the main steps of semiconductor processing as it is used in the industry today and provide an important link to the theory which was provided in the lectures.

The lab-course provides an entry to the fabrication and processing of modern semiconductor devices which include the fields of MEMS, NEMS, Sensors, Electronics, Photovoltaics, Bioelectronics, Nanoelectronics to name the most relevant today. 


You will apply the technology to fabricate a micro mechanical pressure sensor based on a Si membrane integrated on a Si - chip. 

You will study the influence of technological processing parameters on device properties.

The processing you will carry out includes: Wafer cleaning, Thermal Oxidation, Sputtering and Evaporation, Dry Etching, Spin Coating, and Electrical contact formation

Characterisation methods include: Optical Microscopy, Ellipsometric measurements, and Electrical characterisation/probe station. 

You will also get a brief introduction to the operation of vacuum pumps and vacuum measurement equipment commonly used in the industry.

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