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Specialization in media content, media usage, and media effects - Modultafeln of TU Ilmenau

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subject properties Specialization in media content, media usage, and media effects in major Master Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft/Media and Communication Science 2013
subject number101628
examination number2500242
departmentDepartment of Economic Sciences and Media
ID of group 2551 (Group for Media Research and Political Communication)
subject leader Dr. Christina Schumann
term Sommersemester
languagedeutsch oder englisch
credit points6
on-campus program (h)22
self-study (h)158
Obligationobligatory elective
examalternative examination performance
details of the certificate

Text work, literature review, theoretical and empirical reflection and/or development of research questions and research designs for further research, and/or conduction of a pilot study/secondary data analysis. Presentation of the results of this work in oral presentations and/or in form of a written term paper.

maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experience
learning outcome

Students are able to search, select, understand, structure, and evaluate relevant research literature in a specific field of media content, media usage, and media effects research. Students are able to reflect theoretical approaches and empirical results. Students can give a comprehensive overview about a research field. Based on the literature review they are able to develop research ideas and design an empirical research project. They do small pilot research projects to test the research instruments and designs. They conduct secondary data analyses with available data. They are able to present their projects in an oral presentation and to write an appropriate research paper.


Specific topic for summer term 2018: Current perspectives in media reception and effects

In summer term 2018, the focus of this specialization module will be an overview of new developments in media reception and effects research. Thus, we won´t focus „traditional” theories such as Agenda Setting or Uses & Gratifications, but on recent approaches. Examples for topics that will be covered are:

  • Social media use as „Permanently online, permanently connected”
  • Filter bubbles, echo chambers and personalization of media content: Algorithms as new actors in mass communication
  • Opinion leadership in digital media
  • The role of habits in online-communication
  • Hostile Media Research
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