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module properties Specialization in media content, media usage, and media effects in degree program Master Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft/Media and Communication Science 2013
module nameSpecialization in media content, media usage, and media effects
module number101625
departmentDepartment of Economic Sciences and Media
ID of group 2551 (Media Research and Political Communication)
module leader Dr. Christina Schumann
credit points6
obligationelective module
certificate of the module Individual achievements or exams
details of the certificate

Text work, literature review, theoretical and empirical reflection and/or development of research questions and research designs for further research, and/or conduction of a pilot study/secondary data analysis. Presentation of the results of this work in oral presentations and/or in form of a written term paper.

alternative examination performance due to COVID-19 regulations incl. technical requirements
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learning outcome

With the attendance of the specialization module, students understand, apply and compare recent approaches and theories in media content, media reception and media effects research. They relate and evaluate developments and empirical results from current publications, predominantly empirical research papers.

Students apply the theories and the results of current research to identify and solve actual problems in media and communication practice and communication science. They formulate assumptions and outline solutions.  


Students recognize and weight up the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches, theories and methods against each other and evaluate them. Students correctly assess the applicability of various approaches for scientific or practical purposes.

The module contains the following subjects:
Specialization in media content, media usage, and media effects
credit points6
obligationelective module
certificate of the modulealternative examination performance
term Wintersemester