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subject properties research Module in major Master Medienwirtschaft 2018
subject number5657
examination number91430
ID of group 2551 (Group for Media Research and Political Communication)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Jens Wolling
term unbekannt
credit points10
on-campus program (h)67
self-study (h)233
Obligationobligatory elective
examalternative examination performance
details of the certificate
maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experience

Basic knowledge of communication studies, the specific research topic and the methods applied.

learning outcomeAuf der Grundlage eines vertieften Theorie- und Methodenwissens sind die Studierenden in der Lage,
- ihre forschungsmethodischen Fähigkeiten in innovativen Forschungsprojekten anzuwenden und eigene Beiträge zu wissenschaftlicher Forschung zu erbringen.
- spezifische Probleme der Medienwelt des beginnenden 21. Jahrhunderts, in denen technische Innovationen als Ursache oder potentielle Lösung eine Rolle spielen, zu analysieren und Lösungsansätze zu entwickeln.

The course comprises two semesters in which a complete and realistic research project is planned, conceptualized, conducted, analysed, and presented in a professional fashion. Students actively collaborate in all project phases.

media of instruction

All media and collaborative platforms can be used.

literature / references

Literature depends on the issue under analysis and is announced in the course and/or researched by students.

evaluation of teaching