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subject properties Control Engineering in major Master Research in Computer & Systems Engineering 2009
ATTENTION: not offered anymore
subject number7996
examination number2200285
departmentDepartment of Computer Science and Automation
ID of group 2212 (Group Simulation and Optimal Processes)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Pu Li
term Wintersemester
credit points4
on-campus program (h)22
self-study (h)98
examoral examination performance, 30 minutes
details of the certificate

Mündliche Prüfung, 30 min.

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maximum number of participants30
previous knowledge and experience

Grundlagen der Mathematik, Physik, Elektrotechnik, Maschinenbau

learning outcome

Die Studierenden können

  • die Grundlagen, Problemstellungen und Methoden der Regelungs- und Systemtechnik/technische Kybernetik klassifizieren,
  • Systembeschreibungen ableiten,
  • Methoden zur Systemanalyse anwenden,
  • die Stabilität sowie einschleifige Regelkreise für industrielle Prozesse analysieren.

Modeling of linear processes:

  • Modeling with differential equations
  • Linearization of nonlinear systems
  • State space model

Laplace transformation:

  • Laplace transformation of typical functions
  • Properties of Laplace transformation
  • Transfer function

Analysis of control systems in time domain:

  • Dynamics of different plants
  • Responses due to typical input signals
  • Functions of typical controller

Stability analysis

media of instruction

Präsentation, Vorlesungsskript, Tafelanschrieb

literature / references

R. C. Dorf, R. H. Bishop. Modern Control Systems. Pearson. 2005

K. Ogata. Modern control engineering. Pearson. 2010

evaluation of teaching


WS 2012/13 (Fach)

Freiwillige Evaluation:

WS 2011/12 (Vorlesung)


WS 2012/13