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The Modultafeln have a pure informational character. The legally binding information can be found in the corresponding Studienplan and Modulhandbuch, which are served on the pages of the course offers. Please also pay attention to this legal advice (german only). Information on place and time of the actual lectures is served in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis.

subject properties Research Project in major Master Research in Computer & Systems Engineering 2009
subject number8016
examination number2200288
departmentDepartment of Computer Science and Automation
ID of group 2236 (Systems and Software Engineering Group)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Armin Zimmermann
term Wintersemester
credit points16
on-campus program (h)45
self-study (h)435
examalternative examination performance
details of the certificate

A report document and a presentation talk about the results. Depending on the topic there may be additional requirements (for example software implementation, experimental results, demonstration ..).

Signup details for alternative examinations
maximum number of participants35
previous knowledge and experience

Basic studies of RCSE curriculum and research skills seminar

learning outcomeDie Studierenden sind in der Lage, unter Anleitung selbständig aktuelle Forschungsthemen zu bearbeiten. Sie können offene Probleme analysieren, den Stand der Technik erarbeiten und Vorschläge für neuartige Lösungen entwickeln und realisieren. Die Studierenden sind in der Lage, zu aktuellen Forschungsfragen beizutragen und ihre Ergebnisse zu präsentieren sowie einzuordnen.
contentForschungsarbeiten innerhalb der beteiligten Fachgebiete
Research work within the participating groups
media of instructionabhängig vom individuellen Projekt
depends on the actual project
literature / referencesabhängig vom individuellen Projekt
depends on the actual project
evaluation of teaching


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