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subject properties Group Studies in major Master Research in Computer & Systems Engineering 2009
subject number8021
examination number2200291
departmentDepartment of Computer Science and Automation
ID of group 2235 (Group for Integrated Communication Systems)
subject leaderProf. Dr. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
term Sommersemester
credit points8
on-campus program (h)0
self-study (h)240
examalternative examination performance
details of the certificate

The goal of the group studies project is to learn to solve a research problem or development of a task in a team of peers. A team consists of 2-4 members. The performance in Group Studies must reflect about *300* working hours per student (10CP x 30 hours).


Results submission:

For conclusion of Group studies students must prepare a written report and a presentation.



One report must be prepared for each project (per group). Students must use the IEEE template for their report.



Students must present their final results in the Research Group meeting of their supervisor (internal meeting, Dienstberatung). Presentation should take 20-30 min per team + 10 min discussion.

The final grade includes 60% grade from the documentation (report) and 40% from your presentation.


Signup details for alternative examinations
maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experienceCompletion of Research Seminar I
learning outcomeThe course has the following goals
- learn to solve a scientific problem in a team of peers
- problems are provided by the participating professors
- 8 credits

Individual research topics provided by RCSE professors

media of instruction

- individual research - team meetings - presentations and reviews - project documentation - material provided by organizing professors

literature / references

Problem dependent

evaluation of teaching


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