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Research Seminar 1 - Modultafeln of TU Ilmenau

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module properties Research Seminar 1 in degree program Master Research in Computer & Systems Engineering 2012
module number8018
examination number2200289
departmentDepartment of Computer Science and Automation
ID of group 2254 (Databases and Information Systems)
module leaderProf. Dr. Kai-Uwe Sattler
term summer term only
credit points4
on-campus program (h)22
self-study (h)98
obligationobligatory module
examwritten pass-fail certificate
details of the certificate


signup details for alternative examinations
maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experience
learning outcome


A research seminar serves to deepen the knowledge in dealing with scientific texts in a receptive and descriptive way. The main task of a student is the independent development of one or more pieces of scientific literature up to one's own understanding and the closed presentation of this material in a lecture to other students and the organizer,

with questioning and discussion on a scientific level. 

A written summary shall be demanded. 

The seminar also serves to train the communication skills of the students in a subject-specific context.


wird zu Beginn der Veranstaltung bzw. bei der Ausschreibung bekannt gegeben.

media of instruction

Vortrag, bereitgestellte Literatur

literature / references

wird zu Beginn der Veranstaltung bzw. bei der Ausschreibung bekannt gegeben

evaluation of teaching


Freiwillige Evaluation: