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module properties Research Skills Semininar in degree program Master Research in Computer & Systems Engineering 2012
module number8025
examination number2200292
departmentDepartment of Computer Science and Automation
ID of group 2255 (Distributed Systems and Operating Systems)
module leaderProf. Dr. Winfried Kühnhauser
term summer term only
credit points4
on-campus program (h)22
self-study (h)98
obligationobligatory module
examwritten pass-fail certificate
details of the certificate

direct grade

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maximum number of participants
previous knowledge and experience

Prerequisites for admission to RCSE programme

learning outcome

This seminar trains skills that help to do efficient scientific work. Students learn how to present scientific results at conferences, how to listen to presentations, how to read, write and review papers, how to launch research proposals, and how to organize workshops and conferences.


The life and hard times of a professional researcher shows several characteristic workload patterns. Apart from hunting insights, researchers frequently have to give and listen to talks, read, write and review papers, launch research proposals, or organize workshops and conferences.

Successful research also requires many personal qualifications and skills such as analytical ability, ability to learn, to conceptualise, to communicate, to integrate knowledge, scientific discipline, curiosity, initiative, motivation, and, last but not least, quite a bit of masochism (for details visit

This seminar trains skills that help to do efficient scientific work. Course topics are

• writing and reading papers
• giving and listening to presentations
• designing conference posters
• writing research proposals
• reviewing papers
• workshop and conference organization.

The course is organized in two parts: a seminar part where we study how to write research papers, review papers, design conference posters, write research proposals, and organize workshops. The second part is practical training, where every student will apply the new knowledge and will write a paper, design a poster, or take part in the organization of a workshop.

The main event will be the Annual RCSE Workshop on Computer and Systems Engineering (WCSE) in January which will be fully organized by the course participants.

media of instruction

Presentation with beamer and blackboard, books, papers, workshop

literature / references

see course´s website

evaluation of teaching


WS 2011/12 (Fach)

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