Honored: Germany Scholarships and prizes awarded for outstanding achievements and intercultural commitment

They study subjects as diverse as mechanical engineering, biotechnical chemistry, industrial engineering, automotive engineering or computer science and come from different countries and backgrounds. But they are united by their special commitment and outstanding achievements in their studies: a total of 47 students from TU Ilmenau were honored for this at a ceremony on 23 November.

TU Ilmenau/Eleonora Hamburg
45 students at TU Ilmenau received so-called "Deutschlandstipendien" in the 2023/24 academic year.

45 students at TU Ilmenau received so-called "Deutschlandstipendien" in the 2023/24 academic year. In the federal program, students whose careers promise outstanding achievements in their studies and careers are supported for one year with a scholarship of 300 euros per month. Half of the funding comes from voluntary sponsors, the other half from the federal government. At the award ceremony in the Audimax, representatives of companies, foundations and associations as well as private individuals personally presented the Deutschlandstipendium scholarships to their scholarship holders.The event was opened by a virtual greeting from Kai Ziesenis, Head of the Higher Education Department at the Thuringian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society, who congratulated the recipients, also on behalf of the Minister of Science Wolfgang Tiefensee, and thanked TU Ilmenau for its commitment to acquiring and awarding Deutschlandstipendium scholarships:

The Deutschlandstipendium rewards top performance. With its support, talented students are to become the leaders and managers of tomorrow.

This year, 20 sponsors made it possible to award the scholarships. An alumni scholarship was also awarded. A total of 520 Deutschlandstipendium scholarships have been awarded at TU Ilmenau over the past eleven years. "This funding is much more than a financial grant," said Vice President for Teaching and Learning Anja Geigenmüller in her speech:

It motivates and recognizes achievement in studies and social commitment, but also the will of all those who do not have a very smooth, straight educational path to fight their way into the professional future.

In this way, the Deutschlandstipendium promotes the future: "Our future, because these are precisely the skills we need in this country and in this current situation, in which we have very clear guidelines as to the direction in which we need to develop society, the economy and technology." This requires professional excellence, but also the willingness to get involved and work hard. "That's why we are particularly pleased to have award winners here who meet these qualifications."

"I knew there was someone else behind me in addition to my family"

One of them is Thomas Röckl, a fifth-semester mechatronics student and student assistant at both the Product and Systems Engineering Group and the Central Institute for Education, where he passes on his practical skills to pupils and students in workshops on soldering and 3D printing. On behalf of all the students receiving funding, he described his perspective on the Deutschlandstipendium and thanked the sponsors. He developed an interest in physics and technology while still at school in Bavaria. He was selected for the scholarship when he began his studies in Ilmenau:

That was a great encouragement for me in the early days. Like many others, not everything went smoothly for me. But I knew that, in addition to my family, someone else had my back and gave me the feeling that I was in the right place here at university.

This year, three new associations, companies and private individuals have been added to the list of supporters of talented and committed students at TU Ilmenau. In his speech, Dr. Nikolai Gauss from the Christian Bürkert Foundation explained the motivation for supporting the young people on behalf of all sponsors: "The scholarship is intended to give you freedom: Freedom for educational opportunities and your development." At the same time, the support should also be seen as a mission:

We live in a world with increasing uncertainty and limited resources for us humans. We have the task of creating conditions that enable eight billion people on this earth to live well together. Use your talents and skills, your dynamism and your sense of responsibility to make a personal contribution to good, prosperous and peaceful coexistence in this world.

"This commitment is a great treasure for our university"

This is exactly what the two students who were awarded the Prize for Intercultural Commitment by the City of Ilmenau and TU Ilmenau and the DAAD Prize for Outstanding Achievement by International Students at German Universities at the event are committed to.

The Prize for Intercultural Commitment of the City of Ilmenau and the International Office of the TU Ilmenau 2023, which is endowed with 500 euros, recognizes individuals who have made a special contribution to the integration and support of international citizens. This year, Jennifer Körner, a student of the Media Economics Master's degree course, received the award. She has been committed to helping people from different cultural backgrounds since the beginning of her Bachelor's degree in Applied Media and Communication Studies initially as a student assistant in the International Office at TU Ilmenau, but since 2022 also as a volunteer in ISWI e.V.. In the non-profit association, she is committed to bringing students who want to spend part of their studies abroad together with international students at TU Ilmenau as part of a local Erasmus+ initiative for Ilmenau that she co-founded. "We have the deepest respect for you and congratulate you on your well-deserved award for Intercultural Commitment 2023," said Maria Franczyk, Integration Officer of the City of Ilmenau, in her laudatory speech.

Jennifer Körner was unable to accept her award in person, as she is currently spending a semester abroad in Nantes: "But I can already say that I will return to Ilmenau from France with a suitcase full of ideas and experiences," the student said online: "I hope that I can continue to develop and, above all, share my passion and intercultural commitment at the TU Ilmenau and in the city of Ilmenau in the future."

Remarkable social commitment

Mustafa Adam Abdalla Musab has received two awards. In addition to receiving a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship, the Communications and Signal Processing Master's student was also honored with the DAAD Prize 2023. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros and is awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service to international students who are completing their studies in Germany and have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievements and remarkable social or intercultural commitment. "Mr. Musab is an outstanding student who has consistently demonstrated a high level of academic excellence and has a deep passion for his field of study," said Prof. Jens Müller, Vice President for International Affairs and Transfer, in his laudatory speech. In addition, the award winner is also involved in a variety of ways outside of his studies, including as a tutor at we4you, the university's international student service, in the organization of the International Student Week Ilmenau (ISWI), as a volunteer in the "We Listen TU You" hotline service at TU Ilmenau and as a tutor as part of the ErstiWoche for new students. "I look forward to continuing to make a contribution to promoting intercultural understanding and inclusion at TU Ilmenau," says Mustafa Musab. Stephan Fischer from the university's International Office concluded by expressing his respect for the efforts of the award winners: "This commitment is a great treasure for our university and for all students, regardless of their origin."

Following the ceremony, the award winners came together with their sponsors at a get-together. The event was accompanied by music from pianist and industrial engineering student Ramon Heil-Sauerbrey.

List of sponsors



Robert Bosch Fahrzeugelektrik Eisenach GmbH / Robert Bosch GmbH - 2 Stipendien


Inverso - Gesellschaft für innovative Versicherungssoftware mbH Ilmenau – 2 Stipendien


SAP SE – 2 Stipendien

4 Internet Technologies AG – 2 Stipendien


TEAG Thüringer Energie AG – es werden 5 Stipendien gestiftet


secunet Security Networks AG- es werden 2 Stipendium gestiftet


BLINK AG - es wird 1 Stipendium gestiftet


heracle GmbH - es wird 1 Stipendium gestiftet


Finanz-DATA GmbH, Beratungs- und Softwarehaus - in diesen Jahr neu dabei, es wird 1 Stipendium gestiftet


AOK PLUS - Die Gesundheitskasse für Sachsen und Thüringen. - in diesen Jahr neu dabei, es wird 1 Stipendium gestiftet


Brose Fahrzeugteile SE & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft.- 1 Stipendium


12 | AlumniCampus der TU Ilmenau – 2 Stipendien



Universitätsgesellschaft Ilmenau – Freunde, Förderer und Alumni e.V. – 2 Stipendien


Verein Freunde und Förderer der Naturwissenschaften in Ilmenau e.V. - 1 Stipendium



Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung – 10 Stipendien


Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung – 3 Stipendien


Frank Hirschvogel Stiftung – 3 Stipendien


Christian Bürkert Stiftung – 2 Stipendien

Private sponsors


Jana und Torsten Schmidt – 2 Stipendien


Ute und Matthias Schmidt – 2 Stipendien

Impressions of the awarding of the Germany Scholarships