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Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Helbig

Advisor for Technology and Research at I3TC

Thomas Helbig has been the Advisor for Technology and Research at the Ilmenau Interactive Immersive Technologies Center (I3TC) since October 1, 2023. As an infrastructure unit of TU Ilmenau, the I3TC Center is assigned to the Institute for Intelligent and Interactive Immersive Media and Technologies (I4MT). The core of the technology center is formed by the laboratories for augmented, mixed and virtual reality and the TU Ilmenau media laboratory, which are being built in the new computer center (Grace-Hopper-Bau). This will create an environment for top-class research and teaching in the field of interactive immersive media at the TU Ilmenau.

After studying mechatronics at the TU Ilmenau, Thomas Helbig worked for over eleven years as a research assistant at the Biomechatronics Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is therefore very familiar with the structures at TU Ilmenau and can draw on a wealth of experience in applying for and carrying out scientific projects. The graduate engineer is also familiar with working in interdisciplinary teams. Over the years, his scientific activities have focused in particular on people, their senses, how they move and how they can be supported technically.

In his role as Advisor for Technology and Research, Thomas Helbig acts as an interface between the management and all scientific and technical staff at the I3TC. In addition to providing purely organizational support to the center's management, he is the point of contact for questions relating to the technical and content-related design of the center. He supports the networking of I3TC members, organizes events such as colloquia or study information days and helps to develop courses at the I3TC. He is also responsible for the external presentation of the center and in this role will work together with the Division of Marketing and Communication at TU Ilmenau and offer guided tours of the I3TC. Thomas Helbig is particularly interested in using the I3TC and the I4MT to help make the TU Ilmenau attractive to both future students and researchers.