Who's Who?

Portrait from Prof. Fiedler privat
Newly appointed

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Patrique Fiedler

Group for Data Analysis in the Life Sciences

Since April 2021, Dr.-Ing. Patrique Fiedler is junior professor and head of the new Group for Data Analysis in the Life Sciences at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science.

Patrique Fiedler studied electrical engineering and information technology at TU Ilmenau, received his PhD in biomedical sensor and electrode technologies in 2017 and was awarded the TU Ilmenau Dissertation Prize in 2018.

He then moved to industry and held various development, project and product management positions at an internationally active medical technology manufacturer. In addition, he worked several times as a guest researcher at the University of Porto in Portugal and the University of Pescara-Chieti in Italy.

Future research interests of the department include data fusion and analysis of multimodal datasets and body sensor networks, as well as the exploration of novel sensor concepts for biomedical engineering. Another focus will be the development of online-capable analysis methods for hardware-related data processing. Here, real-time and online-capable adaptive analysis methods for time-variant biosignals will be developed with a focus on electrophysiology / neuroscience.