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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Yury Person

Large Networks and Random Graphs Group

Yury Person has been University Professor and Head of the Large Networks and Random Graphs Group  at the Institute of Mathematics at TU Ilmenau since September 10, 2021.

Previously, he was Endowed Junior Professor of the Carl Zeiss Foundation since May 2018. In his research, he searches for patterns in large discrete structures that appear chaotic. This often involves the interplay of structure and randomness as a tool of proof. This also has application references in computer science, for example in property testing.

Yury Person studied mathematics at the Technical University of Munich and subsequently received his PhD in computer science from the Humboldt University of Berlin (2010). After PostDoc at the Institute of Mathematics at the Free University of Berlin, he became Junior Professor of Discrete Mathematics and its Applications at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (2013 - 2018). From 2014 to 2016, he was a fellow in the Main-Campus-educator program of the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main. In 2017, he was nominated by the students of the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Goethe University for the 1822 University Award for Excellence in Teaching. Yury Person has had several extended research stays at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (Los Angeles), the Hebrew University Jerusalem, and the Universidade de São Paulo.

Yury Person spends his rare free time with his wife and daughter. He loves improvisational theater, musicals, traveling, and good food.