Opening of the apprenticeship year: University offers high level of education

TU Ilmenau welcomes its apprentices again this year with an event for the opening of the apprenticeship year and the "Welcome Days". The opening of the apprenticeship year on 6 September marked the start of vocational training at TU Ilmenau for six new apprentices. One apprentice has decided to train as an IT specialist, specialising in systems integration, two other apprentices have decided to train as industrial mechanics, specialising in precision equipment manufacturing, and two young women and one young man have decided to train as commercial clerks and office management clerks respectively.

Bettina Wegner
University Chancellor Dennys Klein (top right) and Training Manager Anja Röper (center) receive the new trainees at TU Ilmenau.

Introductory programme for an easy start

After being welcomed by the Chancellor, Dennys Klein, the Head of Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Stefan Roth, the University's Head of Training, Anja Röper, and their future trainers, the new university members have almost a week to get to know the university beyond their own training profession and to gain an impression of its complexity. They are guided through the four-day programme by the respective main trainers and trainees from a higher training year. The joint campus tour, the visit to laboratories and the joint lunch make it easier for them to get to know each other and to settle into university life.

There is a good reason why the organisational team of second-year office management trainees and the university's head of training go to such lengths every year to put on such an introductory programme.

With the Welcome Days," says Anja Röper, "we want to make it as easy as possible for our trainees to start their professional training at the TU Ilmenau and convey to them the university's interest in the people who work, study or are being trained here. With this onboarding offer, we clearly stand out from most companies in the Ilm district.

Good support for best results

The good support of the trainees at the TU Ilmenau does not end with a welcome week, but continues throughout the entire training period, which lasts three or three and a half years. Usually in blocks of several weeks, the practical training at the university is carried out by competent, experienced instructors at a high level and state of the art. Together with the training officers, they provide a varied insight into the practical work in the respective profession and the structures of the university. The final results are regularly impressive. Anja Röper:

Last year alone, we won the Bildungsfuchs twice - the award for the best trainee in his or her profession in the final year by the respective chamber. Three trainees were able to complete their training early due to their excellent performance. This shows that good training not only imparts sound knowledge and skills, but also motivates the trainees themselves to achieve high levels of performance. Our employees in practical training have made a major contribution to these results with their dedicated work.

Against the background of the retirement of the particularly baby boomers in the next ten years, the TU Ilmenau is training primarily for its own needs in administration, operating units and the technical area. In view of the changing world of work, the range of training opportunities was specified once again last year and adapted to the new requirements. Incidentally, vocational training at the TU Ilmenau is also financially interesting: according to the collective agreement for trainees, the monthly pay is currently between 1,040 and 1,210 euros, depending on the year of training.

Excellent career prospects

Of the ten trainees who successfully completed their training in the summer of 2021, a large proportion could be taken on in a longer-term or permanent follow-up job at the university. Often, the young skilled workers later take advantage of the many opportunities for further qualification, for example, in their jobs through targeted offers of the TU Ilmenau or a course of study that opens up new career paths for them. Generally, as part of an agreement between the Thuringian universities and the state of Thuringia, all trainees receive an offer of employment from the university for six months after successfully completing their training. During this time, they can gain further practical experience before they - excellently equipped for the job market - can benefit from the best career opportunities at institutions and companies throughout Germany.

Interested students can find out more about the university's training opportunities on the TU Ilmenau website. The application period is annually in the 4th quarter, for 2021 the application phase has run. The TU Ilmenau, Anja Röper and their trainers are looking forward to many applications.

All information about vocational training at TU Ilmenau at:TU Ilmenau I Vocational Training


Anja Röper

Head of Personnel Management and Training