TU Ilmenau initiates concrete projects with Swedish technology delegation

On February 17, a delegation of southern Swedish companies and technology networks visited Technische Universität Ilmenau and the Thüringer Innovationszentrum Mobilität (ThIMo) located here.

Dr. Holger Wiemers, LEG
Die Delegation im ThIMo vor der VISTA-Simulations- und Testanlage. v. l. Dr. Stefan Blechschmidt, Teamleiter LEG, Prof.Matthias Hein, Direktor ThIMo, Ellinor Lindqvist, Elonroad, Toby Hoernlein, Cleantech Scandinavia, Sebastian, Poppner, Stadt Ilmenau

During the visit, concrete ideas for new collaborations in the future fields of energy and mobility were already generated. The visit of the southern Swedish delegation to the TU Ilmenau was part of a two-day visit to Thuringia organized by the State Development Corporation of Thuringia, during which both sides explored options for cooperation.A Thuringian-Swedish cooperation could come about in the energy and mobility sectors. The Swedish delegation is interested in the competencies of the TU Ilmenau in the fields of energy storage and energy distribution systems. The talks specifically focused on the drastic reduction of battery charging times through the use of nanomaterials. The university's research work on intelligent energy distribution in the age of renewable energies is also expected to lead to a concrete bilateral research project.

In the future field of mobility, new concepts from the TU Ilmenau and the ThIMo in the areas of vehicle technology and power electronics met with great interest from the Swedish guests. For example, the internationally renowned science center may draw on Swedish know-how for its campus bus project. When the self-driving, electrically powered minibuses will shuttle between Ilmenau train station and TU Ilmenau, they would draw power for their propulsion from an electrical supply system integrated into the road. The technology developed by a Swedish startup makes much smaller batteries possible in the EasyMile EZ10, helping to save volume, weight and energy costs.

The program of visits to Thuringia was coordinated by the State Development Corporation of Thuringia and, on the Swedish side, by GreenTech Village from Lund in southern Sweden. The establishment of the Cleantech Scandinavia investor cluster brings together partners in the fields of sustainable innovation, industry and finance at an international level - as a Thuringian delegation did last November on a trip to research institutions and technology companies in the Öresund region. Just over four months later, there was a return visit to Thuringia. For TU Ilmenau, Prof. Jens Müller, Vice President for International Relations and Transfer, was present both during the first visit to Sweden and yesterday's meeting in Ilmenau:

The contacts we have made are extremely promising and we want to keep up the pace we have set since first getting to know each other to initiating first projects yesterday. Some of the participants in our visiting programs may even meet again in four to five weeks, again in Ilmenau.