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module properties Psychology of New Media and Technologies in major Master Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft/Media and Communication Science 2013
module namePsychology of New Media and Technologies
module number101704
departmentDepartment of Economic Sciences and Media
ID of group 2554 (Media Psychology and Media Design Group)
module leader Dr. Rohangis Mohseni
credit points6
Obligationobligatory elective
  • Interest in reading scientific articles
  • Interest in psychological topics
  • Basic statistical knowledge (for understanding results in research articles)
certificate of the module Individual achievements or exams
details of the certificate
  • Presentation (45 % of grade)
  • Term paper (45 % of grade)
  • Constant and active participation in the seminar (10 % of grade)

In order to pass the course as a whole, you have to complete both academic achievements (oral presentation and term paper).

Signup details for alternative examinations
learning outcome

  • Applying research skills to a specific research problem

  • Reviewing state of research

  • Provide a literature review in the field of media psychology

  • Improve oral and written presentation skills

The module contains the following subjects:
Psychology of New Media and Technologies
credit points6
Obligationobligatory elective
certificate of the subjectalternative examination performance
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