City cycling: Cycling for a good climate

The bicycle as a climate-conscious alternative to the car is popular on the TU Ilmenau campus. Many students and staff at TU Ilmenau like to use their bikes for everyday journeys. In the city cycling competition, every kilometer ridden counts towards saving CO2 and making a contribution to the environment. In the bicycle workshop at TU Ilmenau, participants took the opportunity to get their bikes in shape shortly before the final spurt of the competition.

Cedric Hornung, Anne Zerbst, Samin Parsooeihaghighi, Isabella Liedtke and Victoria Schwoppe from TU Ilmenau's University Health Management and Fabian de Planque (2. from the left) from the bicycle workshop want to use city cycling to raise awareness of cycling as an environmentally friendly alternative to the car.

When Johann Reger, Professor of Control Engineering at TU Ilmenau, leaves the house in the morning, he can't miss his bike. Not only does he enjoy cycling to work, he also runs daily errands or visits friends in Franconia, and sometimes relatives in the Upper Palatinate. The enthusiastic cyclist has not needed a car for more than 20 years and knows from experience:

A lot of things we do by car can also be done by bike.

The nationwide city cycling competition aims to encourage people to consciously leave their cars at home and cycle instead. More than 100 employees and students at TU Ilmenau are taking part again this year to make a contribution to climate protection. Every kilometer cycled will be added up at the end of the 21-day competition to calculate the CO2 savings for this period. In addition to the TU Ilmenau, the city of Ilmenau and local companies are also taking part in the competition.

In the final phase of the city cycling competition, participants took advantage of the bike workshop on the TU Ilmenau campus to get their bikes in shape for the competition. They received ergonomic advice from the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance company as well as tips and tricks for cycling.

Cycling not only protects the environment, but also has a demonstrably positive effect on your own health

explains Isabella Liedtke from the University Health Management at TU Ilmenau. It initiated the day of action in cooperation with the bicycle workshop in order to draw attention to cycling as a health-conscious alternative to the car. According to Isabella Liedtke, regular cycling gets the circulation going, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces stress.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Ilmenau, as Sebastian Poppner, cycling officer for the city of Ilmenau, reports:

'More and more people are using bicycles to cover short distances in their everyday lives. We are therefore all the more pleased that more Ilmenau residents become active for their health and the environment.

Anyone interested can take part in city cycling until May 21. The results of the competition can be viewed here:

Bike Workshop at TU Ilmenau

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