inova2023: Students meet potential employers

Almost 200 companies presented themselves to qualified students and graduates of the TU Ilmenau at the inovailmenau on October 24 and 25.

Students from the SWING e.V. association organized the inova career fair.

Maximilian Brechenmacher, recruiter at engineering services provider EDAG, is always happy to receive new applications - especially if he has already met the potential employees in person. This is made possible by inova at TU Ilmenau, one of the largest careers fairs in central Germany. As one of almost 200 exhibitors, EDAG came into conversation with numerous qualified specialists and managers of tomorrow at the fair. The recruiter promoted his company:

The inova is a great opportunity for companies and students to network with each other. In personal exchanges, both sides quickly get to know each other and establish contacts. Especially the versatile study profile at the TU Ilmenau, which reflects the needs in our company, was a reason for us to come to Ilmenau.

From mechanical engineers to IT service companies to management consultancies - students and graduates of all disciplines of the TU Ilmenau had time to exchange ideas with recruiters from different industries on two days of the fair. In order to make the best possible impression on the companies, inova offered a warm-up week. In workshops, students learned how to market themselves and their skills in the best possible way and how to present themselves at interviews. Job interviews already took place during inova, and in company presentations visitors to inova were able to gain deeper insights into the corporate worlds. On a digital job wall, they found job advertisements from the exhibiting companies. An app and an exhibition catalog helped them find the companies that were right for them.

We want to promote the careers of TU Ilmenau students and give them the opportunity to get to know potential employers in their place of study while they are still studying. Every year, inova results in working student jobs, internships or direct hires

explains Sophie Leidl from the student association SWING e.V., which organizes the inovailmenau.

About the inovailmenau

The inova has been planned, organized and carried out by the student SWING association at the TU Ilmenau for 28 years. Founded in 1994 by students of industrial engineering and business informatics, students from a wide range of disciplines now volunteer at the SWING-Verein to help students at TU Ilmenau start their careers with the inova fair and other projects.

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