Demanding works of classical music- students play concert in the Audimax

The popular concert series "Music in the Audimax" continues on Thursday. Seven students of technical and scientific disciplines will perform well-known and challenging classical works at 8 p.m. in the Audimax - including Mozart, Bach and Chopin. The concert is the first student concert in the series of events. Admission is free of charge.

TU Ilmenau/Eleonora Hamburg
Benedikt Oppeneiger and Lena-Jasmin Fiedler are looking forward to their first big performance in the Audimax

The initiator of the concert is Technical Cybernetics and Systems Theory student Benedikt Oppeneiger. The pianist and classical music fan has already demonstrated his musical talent in several performances at TU Ilmenau. After he spontaneously sat down at the grand piano after a concert in the Audimax in the fall and thrilled the audience, he got the offer to give a concert himself together with his friends at the TU Ilmenau. After several months of preparation, the students developed an ambitious program with high professional standards. Some of the amateur musicians practiced the pieces for years.

With the concert we want to show that there are many talents at the TU Ilmenau. The study of a technical-scientific subject and musical creativity are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other very well

says Benedikt.

First concert in front of a large audience

The concert in the Audimax fulfills the students' dream of playing in front of a large audience for the first time - as it did for Biomedical Engineering student Lena-Jasmin Fiedler. Like Benedikt, she has been playing the piano since she was five years old, and later added the flute.

I think it's great that we get the chance to show our skills in the Audimax. I'm really looking forward to the concert and I'm excited about the beautiful grand piano in the auditorium.

explains Lena-Jasmin.

Benedikt, who got his love for classical music from his parents, likes to use the opportunities at the TU Ilmenau to practice on the piano. Every week he rehearses for several hours on the grand piano in the Helmholtz lecture hall, and he also plays in the university's academic orchestra. Through his hobby, the student has already made many friends with musicians at the TU Ilmenau. He regularly exchanges ideas with them about his favorite music and attends concerts. For him, music is a nice balance to his studies.

When I listen to or play classical works, I can switch off my thoughts and process problems better.

Benedikt and Lena-Jasmin want to enrich the university culturally with the first student concert at the TU Ilmenau and initiate further concerts of classical music.

We hope that our concert will be well received by the audience and that the student concert will become a new and beautiful tradition at the TU Ilmenau.

say Lena-Jasmin and Benedikt.


Concert program

  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude from the Suite No. I in G major, BWV 1007 Performer: Cecilia Stegmann (cello)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C minor from the Well-Tempered Clavier Volume 2 Performer: Lena-Jasmin Fiedler (piano)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "In diesen heil'gen Hallen" and "O Isis und Osiris" from the opera "Die Zauberflöte" Performers: Nelu Sprater (bass) and Benedikt Oppeneiger (piano)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 14 "Moonlight Sonata" op. 27 No. 2 in C-sharp minor Performer: Benedikt Oppeneiger (piano)


  • Anton Dvorak: Sonatina for violin and piano in G major opus 100 Performers: Julian Wüster (violin) and Benedikt Oppeneiger (piano)
  • Robert Moldenhauer: own composition
  • Franz Schubert: "Der Lindenbaum" from the song cycle "Winterreise" "Der Tod und das Mädchen" Performers: Elisabeth Oppeneiger (mezzo-soprano), Nelu Sprater (bass), Benedikt Oppeneiger (piano)
  • Franz Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 4 Performer: Lena-Jasmin Fiedler (piano)
  • Frederic Chopin: Ballade No. 1 in G minor op. 23
  • Modest Mussorgski: "The Great Gate of Kiev" from the piano cycle "Pictures at an Exhibition" Performer: Benedikt Oppeneiger (piano)