DGO Young Investigator Award goes to Dr. Mario Kurniawan

For his dissertation on the topic of energy generation and resource efficiency in the field of electroplating, Dr. Kurniawan, postdoctoral researcher at the Electrochemistry and Electroplating Group, has been awarded the DGO Young Talent Award 2022. The prize is awarded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Galvano- und Oberflächentechnik e.V. (DGO) for outstanding work by young professionals in the field of surface technology.

ZVO/ Sven Hobbiesiefken
Prof. Wolfgang Paatsch (Chairman of the Board of Trustees, on the left) with this year's award winners Dr. Johannes Näther(HS Mittweida) and Dr. Mario Kurniawan (TU Ilmenau, on the right).

Dr. Mario Kurniawan receives the award for his dissertation on "Preparation and characterization of cuprous oxide for improved photoelectrochemical performance". The DGO Young Scientists Award is presented to graduates with an outstanding thesis in the field of surface technology. The DGO would like to encourage young technicians and scientists to work in the field of surface engineering. This year's prize goes in equal parts to two young scientists who addressed issues of energy generation and resource efficiency in their dissertations. Both topics are of great topicality. Electroplating processes lead to interesting results, which open up new fields of application within electroplating.

In his dissertation, Dr. Kurniawan dealt with an electrochemical production route for Cu2O on porous copper. In an innovative approach, he uses hydrogen bubbles formed in an acidic electrolyte at high current densities to produce porous copper layers, into which he subsequently deposits copper oxide from an alkaline electrolyte. The resulting layers with a large surface area have a high potential for application in photolytic water decomposition.

Mario Kurniawan obtained his bachelor's degree at the "Swiss German University" in Indonesia, his master's degree at the "University of Tokyo" in Japan and his doctoral degree at the Electrochemistry and Electroplating Group at TU Ilmenau under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Bund. Currently, Dr. Kurniawan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Group.


Mario Kurniawan

Electrochemistry and Electroplating Group