Franziska Rau appointed Erasmus Digital expert

A European student card, an Erasmus app or a digital learning agreement - these and other digital tools have been developed by the European Commission in consultation with all stakeholders under the motto "Erasmus Without Paper" (EWP) to make it easier for universities and students to use the European education and mobility programme Erasmus and to increase programme quality.

Portrait von Franziska Rau AnLi Fotografie
The Erasmus Digital expert at TU Ilmenau, Franziska Rau.

In order to support the introduction of digital tools at German universities, the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation at the German Academic Exchange Service (NA DAAD) is promoting a network of Erasmus Digital experts, in which TU Ilmenau is represented by Franziska Rau. The employee in the International Office of the university advises students on the possibilities of a stay abroad. Not only a stay at one of the numerous worldwide, but also at European partner universities, within the framework of the Erasmus programme, is possible. "When I first read about the idea of a paperless Erasmus programme, I was immediately excited," she says. "What I liked about it was not only the idea of saving paper, but also that it would make the programme more attractive to young people."

In the past, Franziska Rau was already actively involved in the implementation of digital offerings at TU Ilmenau, such as the switch from paper to online applications, and has since also established the Erasmus app and the digital Inter-Institutional Agreement Manager (IIA Manager). Users of the app receive mobile information about the opportunities of the Erasmus programme and are guided through the entire mobility process - from the application phase to the return to their own country. The IIA Manager manages the cooperation contracts with the European partners and thus enables the programme coordination in the IO to conclude new contracts without printing out a piece of paper. Further down the line, a digital Learning Agreement for students will be introduced at the end of the year. This will benefit our students the most, because it will allow learning agreements between the student, the examination office and the host institution to be concluded easily, without printouts and in real time.

Expert for Erasmus Digital

As an expert for Erasmus Digital, Franziska Rau now wants to support TU Ilmenau even more intensively in the introduction and use of the developed digital tools. "In this role, I get the opportunity to attend training courses that provide deep insights into the introduction and use of innovative processes to shape the mobility programmes of the future. I will then be able to apply the knowledge gained to the changeover processes at our university. I am also particularly looking forward to the exchange with colleagues from all over Germany."

The Head of the International Office at TU Ilmenau, Sophia Siegfried, is also delighted with the selection of Franziska Rau as Erasmus Digital expert. "TU Ilmenau has always paid great attention to internationalisation with targeted strategic measures to attract more and more foreign students and young scientists. Attractive educational offers and partnerships play just as much a role as an excellent programme service. In the course of digitalisation, mobility programmes such as Erasmus must also be transferred to a new, sustainable generation. The work of our Erasmus Digital expert and her involvement in the nationwide network will help us to successfully master the necessary adaptation processes."


Franziska Rau

International Office, Erasmus Digital expert