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Newly appointed

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Schaller

Differential Equations Group

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Schaller has been Head of the Differential Equations Group at the Institute of Mathematics at TU Ilmenau since August 2023. He completed his mathematics studies with a minor in computer science at the University of Bayreuth and worked for half a year in battery development for electric vehicles as part of an internship. There he developed methods for predicting aging and simulating electrochemical behavior. He completed his PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Bayreuth in 2021 in the intersection of numerical mathematics, infinite-dimensional optimal control, and mathematical systems theory. Afterwards, he worked as a lecturer in the  Optimization-based Control Group at TU Ilmenau until his appointment.

In his research, Manuel Schaller deals with optimal control of both finite- and infinite-dimensional systems, with the analysis of machine learning methods, and with the development of efficient numerical methods. Together with partners from medical technology and engineering, he successfully applies the results obtained and the methods developed in concrete applications, for example in retinal laser therapy and adaptive building control.