Entrepreneurship of the Future - Digital Technologies and the Transformation of Business Models

In their book, Dr. Sebastian Gerth, Coordinating AI Trainer at the "Modellfabrik Vernetzung" of the "Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Ilmenau" based at the TU Ilmenau, and Dr. Lars Heim, Co-Founder and Managing Director Aeon Robotics GmbH, Braunschweig, look at how companies can position themselves for the future.

Sebastian Gerth/Lars Heim

How can you optimize your own entrepreneurial activities today in order to remain competitive tomorrow? What will make up the entrepreneurship of the future? Is it the economic adjusting screws that need to be turned or rather technical, social, perhaps sustainable, moral-ethical ones? What exactly does future orientation mean and how can my company remain interesting for future generations? These and other questions are addressed and discussed in the new book, edited by Dr. Sebastian Gerth and Dr. Lars Heim. The book is published by SpringerGabler and can be accessed digitally at SpringerLink, for example.

Readers can expect contributions that link economic and scientific aspects of different disciplines. A total of 15 chapters provide an insight into how companies of the future can be shaped from different perspectives, industries and backgrounds. The spectrum of topics ranges from futurology to business studies, industrial approaches and legal backgrounds to information technology contributions.

By linking scientific research and business practice, incentives are provided to think ahead to emerging developments. Trends and developments are examined from different and new perspectives. It offers food for thought for future business model potentials in order to set the course for one's own future viability today. The volume thus serves as a guide for putting one's own business models to the test and, if necessary, innovating them. The target groups are executives and decision-makers in business enterprises as well as scientists and multipliers who want to actively shape the future of entrepreneurship.