CHE Ranking: Top Ratings for Industrial Engineering and Management

Students of the Master's programme in Industrial Engineering and Management at TU Ilmenau are very satisfied with their studies. This was the result of the CHE university ranking published in ZEIT Campus 01/2021, in which the students themselves evaluate their own study conditions.

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For the university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE), industrial engineering students at TU Ilmenau were asked to answer the question: "How satisfied are you with the general study situation in your department?" on a scale of 1 (very good) to 6 (very poor). With an average of 1.5, the result is one of the best of all German universities. The students particularly praised the support at the beginning of their studies and voted the degree programme into the top group in this evaluation category.

Excellent study organization and support

The grade of 1.6 for the criterion "study organisation" proves that the students feel their Master's programme is excellently organised. Among other things, they rate the coordination of the courses offered and the accessibility of courses. The TU Ilmenau is also in the top group of universities with a grade of 1.8 for the criterion "academic relevance". This includes the reference of the course to central and innovative research results, methods of scientific work as well as the training of scientific thinking and the stimulation of one's own critical reflection.

The same grade of 1.8 was awarded by the students of the Industrial Engineering and Management programme for "Support during studies". They rated information on organisational issues in their degree programme, the mentoring system at TU Ilmenau and the accessibility and completeness of materials for courses and examinations.

The CHE University Ranking

The university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world. For each subject and criterion, the universities are divided into a top group, a middle group and a bottom group. In addition to facts about studies, teaching and research, the ranking includes students' assessments of the study conditions at their university. Each year, different subjects are examined; in 2020, these were economics courses.

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Prof. Anja Geigenmüller

Vice President for Teaching and Learning