German scholarships for academic year 2021/22 awarded to 41 students

In the academic year 2021/22, TU Ilmenau has awarded German scholarships to 41 particularly talented and committed students. The scholarships were handed over on 18 November 2021.

Tom Goebel
Die Stipendiatinnen und Stipendiaten des Deutschlandstipendiums 2021/2022 mit den Stiftern der Stipendien und Vertretern der TU Ilmenau.

This year, 17 companies, foundations, associations and private individuals donated the scholarships in the German Scholarship Programme of the TU Ilmenau, four more than last year.

Anett Zimmermann, who is responsible for scholarships in the Marketing and Communications Department, is pleased with the increase: "We were able to award a total of ten more scholarships than last year and thus increase our funding quota. Special thanks go to the sponsors who have been involved as donors for many years, in some cases for more than ten years, as well as to the sponsors who decided for the first time this year, despite Corona, to endow German scholarships for students at the TU Ilmenau.

The Vice President for Research and Young Academics, Prof. Stefan Sinzinger, congratulated the scholarship holders selected from a total of 184 applications on behalf of the university and wished them continued success. On behalf of the University, he thanked all the sponsors: "In this way, you are strengthening the development and self-development of talents, interests and ambitions of young people, regardless of their initial financial situation. In doing so, you are assuming responsibility for our society."

Three scholarships from alumni for the first time

The TU Ilmenau was particularly pleased to receive the first three scholarships from its alumni. With a collection campaign, the university had called on its graduates in advance to participate with a donation in the support of students within the framework of the Deutschlandstipendium.

Alumni representative Monika Schoß: "I was very pleased about the lively participation even in this first call. This support shows the importance and recognition that the Deutschlandstipendium enjoys among former students and perhaps even former scholarship holders of our university. Therefore, we will continue the campaign and hope again for a lively participation."

A new member and multiple sponsor is TEAG Thüringer Energie AG. Dr. Michael Agsten, head of the company's network control technology department and himself an alumnus of Ilmenau Technical University, spoke to the scholarship holders on behalf of all sponsors. He encouraged the students to find and follow their own path.

The methods you are taught at the TU Ilmenau prepare you excellently for a variety of opportunities. Conversely, it is enormously important for business, science and industry to work with young people at an early stage in order to tackle the problems of the future together.

Speaking on behalf of the 41 scholarship holders for the 2021/22 academic year, Felix Hußlein from the Bachelor of Computer Science programme said, "For many of us, this scholarship represents important financial support so that we can concentrate fully on our studies. In addition, it opens up many opportunities for initial or even further contacts with the business world, for example for an internship. In addition to the financial and idealistic support, such a scholarship also fills one with great pride, as it is a recognition of the hard work that each of us has put in during our studies so far."

430 German scholarships awarded so far

Since the beginning of the federal programme in 2011, TU Ilmenau has already been supporting students whose careers indicate outstanding achievements in their studies and careers with a Germany Scholarship of 300 euros per month for one year. Half of the funding comes from the voluntary sponsors, the other half from the federal government. In total, around 430 Deutschlandstipendien have been awarded to students at TU Ilmenau over the past ten years.


Anett Zimmermann

Betreuung der Stipendienprogramme