The Question!

Ilmenau is what you make of it - how do you get involved?

Ilmenau is what you make of it - this slogan is almost legendary at the university. Indeed: the clubs, specialist initiatives and committees at the TU offer an almost inexhaustible range of ways to get involved alongside your studies or to pursue your own interests. UNIonline asked students on campus what they have found for themselves.

Ariane Gomer

Lukas Bauer, Friedrichshafen (Lake Constance)

Applied media and communication science

I was already involved in a few clubs during my time in Ilmenau and joined the bc café in my last semester to help out at the bar. Working at the café is a great balance for me besides my bachelor thesis. You spend a lot of time with nice people and it's very uncomplicated. We also plan cool events outside of the café's opening hours together with the other clubs. One of the highlights for the café in the summer semester is the DJ Café, which happens outside some days when the weather is good. Since this semester will be my last summer in Ilmenau, I'm especially looking forward to spending some quality time with all my friends from the café.

Ariane Gomer

Mandy Bez, Reutlingen, 23

Graduate in Applied Media and Communication Science

Almost during my entire time as student I have been active in the university film club (HFC). I have always enjoyed the work very much. From our weekly events to organizing the summer cinema, there has never been a lack of varied tasks. We also organized many internal events to get to know each other better. Through the joint actions, a large circle of friends has formed from the HFC, which I will really miss. Because I finished my studies at the beginning of the year and it was really hard for me to leave Ilmenau and the great club life behind.

Ariane Gomer

Simon Eisenhauer, Neudietendorf, 25

Business Informatics

As a "Master Ersti" in 2019, I attended the club presentations during my freshman week and also participated in the town rally. It was there that the H-Club particularly caught my eye. After visiting the weekly general meetings, I realized that I would also like to be a part of Ilmenau's club life. In the H-Club I was elected club financier after a few months, which is a very responsible job. It is great fun for me to do voluntary work besides my studies and to do a meaningful job in the student club. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people during the first semester. I can only recommend it to everyone to get involved in club life, because that's what makes Ilmenau!

Ariane Gomer

Bruno Ramirez, Peru, 27


I have been active in Ilmenau's club life for seven years. Currently I am a member of the ILSC board. This consists of the four student clubs and the café. Besides organizing big events like open airs, indoor concerts and festivals, we also organize the student nightlife. At the beginning of my bachelor studies a friend recommended me to get involved in clubs to meet new people. In the meantime, the ILSC has become my Ilmenau family. I have now reached the end of my mechatronics master's degree and can say that I couldn't have imagined a better time in Ilmenau.

Ariane Gomer

Konstantina Tzimani, Reutlingen, 25

Applied media and communication science

I came to Ilmenau two years ago and was made aware of SWING e.V. by my flatmates right from the start. At a members' meeting I then had the opportunity to get to know the members and the projects of SWING. Today I am the chairman of the board and represent the association to the outside world. If you like organising events and planning projects, SWING is the right place for you. The company contact fair inova is the biggest of our projects. But we also go on joint excursions. I've made some great friends through this, with whom it's great fun to work on solutions together.

Ariane Gomer

Miriam Mezger, Frankfurt, 24

Media Economics

Since I had a great freshman week in my first semester, I became a tutor for the new freshmen a year later. This engagement was a great opportunity for me to get into the club life. After I had settled in Ilmenau, I also took part in some sports courses, like the indoor cycling course. There I got into conversation with my trainer and he offered me to support him as a co-trainer. Since I have a trainer's license myself, I was even able to take over the classes myself after a while. In the meantime, I have been giving this course for almost two years and am happy every time to balance out my everyday life through sport.