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Master Electrochemistry and Electroplating (2021) - Modultafeln of TU Ilmenau

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1. FS 2. FS 3. FS 4. FS exam CP
module L E P L E P L E P L E P
Pflichtbereich 45
Electrochemical Interfaces 2 1 1 PL  5
Instrumental Analytics 2 2 1 sPL 90 min 5
Renewable Energy Sources and Storage Technology 2 1 1 PL  5
Solid State Chemistry 2 0 2 PL  5
Surface Finishing and Electroplating 2 1 1 PL  5
Applied Electroplating 2 0 2 sPL 90 min 5
Batteries and Fuel Cells 2 1 1 PL  5
Electrochemical Kinetics 2 0 2 PL  5
Electrocrystallisation 2 1 1 mPL 30 min 5
Wahlbereich Werkstoffe (3 Module aus Masterstudiengang Werkstoffwissenschaft) 15
Wahlbereich Technische Wahlmodul (3 Module aus ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Masterstudiengängen) 15
Wahlbereich Schlüsselkompetenzen (Modul/Kurse aus dem Lehrangebot Fakultät WM oder ZIB) 5
Projektarbeit 10
Project (MSc Electrochemistry and Electroplating)  300 h  PL  10
Abschlussarbeit 30
Master thesis with colloquium  900 h  PL  30
1. FS 2. FS 3. FS 4. FS exam CP
module L E P L E P L E P L E P
L lecture
E exercise course
P practical exercise
CP credit points
MP module examination
aPL alternative examination performance
kPL Kolloquium
mPL oral examination performance
sPL written examination performance
MC Multiple Choice
SL pass-fail certificate (Grading according to curriculum)
sBA bachelor thesis
sMA master thesis
sDA diploma thesis