State-of-the-art teaching and work spaces: Oeconomicum officially opened

With almost 6.5 million euros from the Free State of Thuringia, the teaching building of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media has been completely renovated. The new rooms offer optimal teaching and research conditions for students and lecturers.

TU Ilmenau/Eleonora Hamburg
Hans-Karl Rippel, President of the TLBV, Prof. Michael Grüning, Dean of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media, Heike Taubert, Minister of Finance of Thuringia, and Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler, President of TU Ilmenau, gathered in front of the Oeconomicum for the official handover of the keys.

Modern, energy-efficient and barrier-free - even President Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler would love to work in the renovated Oeconomicum at TU Ilmenau, as he revealed at the official opening of the building. Since March 2022, the lecturers and staff of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media have been teaching, researching and working in the completely renovated seminar and meeting rooms, offices and computer pools.

The refurbishment and a partial reconstruction began in September 2018. They became necessary because the building no longer met today's user requirements and structural standards. The planning office SIGMAPLAN Weimar GmbH was responsible for the architecture of the renovated Oeconomicum. To improve the energy balance, all windows were replaced, the facade was upgraded with a composite thermal insulation system and the roof was renewed. The installation of photovoltaic elements on the new flat roof is technically prepared. In addition, the Oeconomicum is now barrier-free with an elevator and complies with contemporary fire protection standards.

In total, the construction costs amount to almost 6.5 million euros from the "Hochschulpakt 2020.2 with the federal government - money very well spent, as Hans-Karl Rippel, President of "Thüringer Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr" (TLBV), said:

The result is now more than respectable. The rooms offer optimal research and teaching conditions for students and lecturers of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media.

Since 1995 until today, the Free State Building Administration has invested a total of around 170 million euros in the structural development of the TU Ilmenau, including the Feynman Building in 2002, the Newton Building in 2003, the Zuse Building in 2011 or the Faraday Building in 2015 - the four largest construction projects at the TU Ilmenau to date. Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler sees the investments as a prerequisite for successful teaching and research:

We thank the Free State of Thuringia for its support and, thanks to it, we will continue to train urgently needed specialists and executives and create important research results. Every euro invested in our university is multiplied, among other things, by attracting third-party funding.

After the official opening of the Oeconomicum, the Department of Economic Sciences and Media at TU Ilmenau celebrated its Faculty Day. Thuringia's Minister of Finance Heike Taubert opened the day with a keynote speech on the topic "Powerfully out of crisis mode". In addition, faculty and researchers exchanged ideas about their main areas of focus in lectures and workshops. A guided tour of the rooms and technology in the Oeconomicum and poster presentations with a corresponding award ceremony formed the conclusion of the faculty day.

Impressions of the official opening of the Oeconomicum


Prof. Michael Grüning

Dean of the Departmet of Economic Sciences and Media