Graduation Ceremony at TU Ilmenau: "I don't just study in Ilmenau, I also live here"

186 students successfully completed their studies at TU Ilmenau in the first quarter of 2024: 69 with a Bachelor's degree, 102 with a Master's degree, three with a diploma and 11 young scientists with a doctorate. During the traditional graduation ceremony on May 4 in the TU Ilmenau Audimax, they received their degree certificates in person from the university management and the deans.

Männer in Anzug überreichen jungen Frauen Urkunden und Rosen TU Ilmenau/Chris Liebold

“I can assure you that you have been equipped for a successful life," said University President Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler, congratulating the graduates: "However, it is not enough to rest on your academic laurels":

Use the momentum and drive from your studies! Get to work, get involved - as an engineer, computer scientist, natural scientist, economist or media scientist, as an employee in a regional company, a start-up, at a global market leader or one of the hidden champions, as an independent entrepreneur or in a public authority.

As graduates of TU Ilmenau, they not only had enjoyed a technical education, but also a university education:

Make use of it! Give something back to the society that made this degree possible for you by helping to shape it in a positive way. Be proud of yourselves and stay connected to this university, which will always be your university!

"I learned to appreciate and love campus life in a new way"

On behalf of all graduates, Maximiliano Hertel, a Master's graduate in Mathematics and Business Mathematics, looked back on his time studying in Ilmenau. He himself came to Ilmenau for his Master's degree after completing his Bachelor's degree in Munich, which he will now continue with a doctorate at the TU Ilmenau: "Of course, my rent halved and my living space doubled. But that wasn't the biggest gain I experienced in Ilmenau. The many 'soft factors' at the TU were at least as valuable."

As a student, I was amazed that professors asked me about my background in lectures - that you could even talk to professors so easily and directly [...] As a Bachelor's graduate, I knew how a math course worked. But it was only in Ilmenau during my Master's that I realized the importance of all the 'trappings' - I learned to appreciate and love campus life in a new way.

For him, Hertel said, Ilmenau always felt very human, very personal:

That's why it became clear to me quite quickly: I don't just study in Ilmenau, I also live here.

Maixmiliano Hertel thanked everyone who had contributed to this sense of well-being on behalf of the graduates: Parents and relatives, volunteers "who breathe life into the campus in clubs and projects", and the Studierendenwerk Thüringen as a "central support and important contact with its offers and advice". But also the university staff:

Our thanks go to all the professors who, despite - or perhaps because of - demanding lectures and difficult exams, have given us the tools to graduate and to master our future. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the staff at TU Ilmenau who imparted knowledge in tutorials and seminars, who were there for us with advice and an open ear in discussions and who supported us in study and examination matters.

Those students who volunteered during their studies in a special way in committees such as the student council or the student council or in student associations such as the Ilmenauer Studentenclub e. V. or the hsf-Studentenradio e. V. were honored with the student body's honorary award during the graduation ceremony.

Habilitation as an expression of comprehensive academic reputation

Dr. Dr. Thi Huong Nguyen, head of the Nano-Thrombo-Interface (Nano-TI) Junior Research Group at the Institute for Bioprocess and Analytical Measurement Technology (iba), an Associated Institute of TU Ilmenau, was also awarded a habilitation certificate as proof of special qualification for independent scientific research and teaching in Biophysical Chemistry. Her habilitation thesis was written at the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Michael Köhler from the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology at TU Ilmenau and Prof. Uwe Pliquett from iba. Her thesis dealt with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, or HIT for short, a complication of treatment with heparin for the prevention and treatment of blood clots and vascular occlusions.

At a reception following the graduation ceremony, the honorees had the opportunity to celebrate their successful graduation together with their guests and university lecturers. Lena Fiedler, a Bachelor's student on the Biomedical Engineering course, provided the musical accompaniment to the event on the piano.


Impressions of the Graduation Ceremony